Do-Gooder Honors Student: Katashi Mihara

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Do-Gooder Honors Student: Katashi Mihara Empty Do-Gooder Honors Student: Katashi Mihara

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Do-Gooder Honors Student: Katashi Mihara DvpJ4Av

Katashi stands at 5'11''  with a light frame. However his arm and core muscles are very toned. As shown is a casual look though the jacket depends on how cold it is. Often seen in school uniforms if at school like a normal human.

Name: Katashi Mihara
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Nation: Dark Zone
Main Clan: Genesis
Secondary Clan: N/A
Avatar Card: Mythic Beast, Fenrir

Alignment: Reluctant Hero
Generation: New Generation

Personality: Despite not being a particularly outgoing person, Katashi has a certain charisma to him. It stems from his kindness and fair treatment of others. The way he treats everyone commands their respect in a loving way. To many he appears overly nice and they question why he goes out of his way to help people. But to him it's simply what he does. It feels natural to want to be involved with others and try to help them out. So call him what you will but if there's anything bad about being a do-gooder, Katashi has yet to find it.

Katashi is a bright and talented young man who naturally wants to help mentor and encourage his peers. Whatever he knows on a subject he'll want to share when relevant. With this comes a fascination with mythology. This love of the ancient stories are why he's so fond of his Fenrir deck as many of the beigns are based on Norse Mythology figures he knows the stories for. If he doesn't know much he'll want to learn with you to better understand your perspective. To him there is little point to a conversation if both sides don't understand the other.

This isn't to say the boy never gets upset. He certainly does though it more often surfaces in the form of frustration and exasperation rather than outright anger. He's very control of himself in that regard. And he's not perfect in social situations, finding awkward ways to go about things just as much as the next guy. He's often seen looking out for his younger brother Jun and is very protective of him. He loves Vanguard and wants everyone to enjoy it like he does but he's not hardcore committed to it like many around him.

Biography: Katashi is a high school senior. From appearances he seems very normal. However he is the Kendo Club Captain so that's neat. Also a very good student, looking to go into engineering in college. He's the oldest child in his family, has at least one younger brother Jun, might have other siblings though.

Information about his life at home will remain scarce for the moment but will be revealed as people talk to him. He tries to stay busy at school and with the club and Vanguard. Has been playing Genesis for forever but never quite as much as he gets to these days so it's his first real jump into the world the association has been building.

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