G Era Events: First Wave Lineup Announcement

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G Era Events: First Wave Lineup Announcement Empty G Era Events: First Wave Lineup Announcement

Post by Best Girl on Sat Apr 21, 2018 4:16 am

Various screens at all branches lit up, turned to the coming reveals from the association and numerous televisions at home were turned to the broadcasting. No matter where you were, you were seeing this message unless you were literally in a dark cave with no source of electricity.

"Hello, wonderful people!" That's right, on the scene is your boy: Daisuke Oshiro, the prime minister of Japan. Like a news reporter of sorts, he sits at a desk with the blonde commentator who is at nearly, if not, every single competitive Vanguard event. Behind them, another screen with a spinning red V for the game's trademark. "Are you having fun with the opening of the new era?! I sure am! Quests are already going up faster than we can approve, and they're being completed just as quickly! If you're not seeing enough quests, they're probably not even loaded in yet! Hahaha, we apologize for technical difficulties! But, that aside! It would be boring if we left it all to quests - you all need ways to challenge yourselves to the LIMIT! You aspiring clan leaders in the making - branch directors in the making - perhaps even Grand Sanctuary seats in the making!! Behold, the lineup of each nation's starting events! We're looking to have multiple in several waves that will bring you all up to face the strongest and gain experience to become legends! Behoooooooold!!"

Zoo Branch Event
"Cardfight in Wonderland"

Explore nature in several climates, expose those disrupting the native land and leave your mark!

Magallanica Branch Event
"Search for the Runic Scimitar"

Race to find the magical sword that reigned over the seven seas, completing the map to fortune!

Dark Zone Branch Event
"Paper Faces on Parade"

Participate in a gala hosted by demons, only to be sabotaged by the masquerade of a masked gentleman!

Dragon Empire Branch Event
"Path of War"

Team up in an effort to take down the territorial reign of dragons, including names of the strongest!

Star Gate Branch Event
"Mr. Invincible's Wild Ride"

A legendary name returns to Star Gate?! Test yourself against the re-affirmed might of a hero!

United Sanctuary Branch Event
"Road to the Chosen Sword"

Climb your way to the top, dueling against the elite black knights until reaching the queen at the apex!

"All events should commence in that order over the course of the upcoming days! Do you have what it takes to make it to the second wave?! I sure hope so! Until then, we shall meet at the last stage - the twelfth before a special announcement! See you soon, New Generation!"

The announcement is finished.
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