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Post by Doggy on Sun Apr 15, 2018 11:16 pm

Quest Name/Thread Title: “Location, Location, Location”
Questmaker: Old man npc dude
Level of Difficulty: C
Description: Old man artist dude would like pictures of cardfights taking place in various exciting locales as inspiration for his work. There are six ideas he has any of which can only be fulfilled once but the request will stand until all six are met. The six parts can be fulfilled by up to six people, the possibilities ranging from one person doing all six to six people doing one each and everything in between. He wants fights happening "from an eagle's eye, somewhere the burning passion of the fight is visible, on the high sea, somewhere majestic and royal, in a forest or jungle, and something that feels out of this world". Can be found in Miyaji park most afternoons.
Reward: Small FICA point reward for each of the six times. Will also do a remarkably well done portrait of the person's favorite unit. Be the eager beaver and get six overlords or something ya nerd.

Currently available locales:
-Eagle's Eye perspective
-The High Sea
-Majestic/Royal locale

Status: In progress [2/6]
-Somewhere hot completed by Hikari Sugimoto
-Somewhere out of this world completed by Hikari Sugimoto

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