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Post by TrueLily on Fri Apr 13, 2018 8:35 pm

Her Name is Sugimoto Hikari
The Decisive Moment of the Decisive Battle
"This hand of mine is burning red!"
To Train And To Win

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IGN: TrueLily
Name: Sugimoto Hikari
Age: 16
Gender: Girl
Nation: Zoo
Main Clan: Nova Grappler (Victor)
Secondary Clan: Dimension Police (Cosmic Heroes)
Alignment: Hero
Generation: New Generation

Avatar Card:
Sugimoto Hikari 327?cb=20150307104146
Sugimoto Hikari Latest?cb=20150409113223

Personality: Hikari is the kind of person who never looks comfortable standing still. When not given anything to do, her energy gets more and more pent up until she feels like she’s about to explode. As a result, she’s a very impatient and somewhat aggressive girl. In spite of her impatient and aggressive behavior, she likes helping people, especially those younger and weaker than her, though she herself is not as strong or mature as she’d like to believe. When not being aggressive, she’s incredibly sociable and friendly, and makes an effort to be on everyone’s good side, though she’s prone to screw that up by snapping at people when she suddenly gets angry.

The word that defines Hikari is “Determination,” though some would say “Scrappy.” She stubbornly holds on to the idea that with enough perseverance and effort, everything will work out in the end, whether it’s a Cardfight or a real life crisis. She is far from fearless, and will become frightened by massively overwhelming odds, but nonetheless push steadfastly onwards, placing her hope in her own willpower to see her through.

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