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Post by Best Girl on Thu Apr 12, 2018 12:49 pm

As we move on to the G Era, the decision to make things a little more organized came to pass, and now this is our life. Previously, we had fields in one thread each that was an absolute travesty for people to go through looking for specific moments or watching three different conversations take place on the same page. So, it is being changed to make it much easier to find those precious memories you're looking back to for reference, and lets characters focus on who they're trying to talk to without it getting jumbled up. However, from a personal point of view, it was a lot easier to just have one thread to run to, drop a post, and let things happen from there. It was more jumbled up, definitely, but easier for me as a host and someone trying to know all of what's going on in one thread.

That's why we're going to do two things.

The first is: most, if not all interactions will be discussed ahead of time between players. If they want certain characters to speak, meet up, hang out, or whatever, they can now create a thread that will focus entirely on those interacting. You can give them cute titles or something, so long as you're communicating with the other player on what you want to see happen. It's up to you to allow others in, of course. For example: I, playing as Yukino, want her to interact with Haruka, who is played by Jello. And I also want them to talk in Yukino's office. So, one of us creates a thread in the United Sanctuary Nation Branch with a title relative to them, and we exchange posts of them having a conversation. If someone else wishes to join, they ask I/Jello and things go from there. Easy, yes? Yes.

The second is the creation of hub threads, which I'm not making all of them (if I do, it'll be over time since I'm lazy and tired). The purpose of these hub threads is to function somewhat similarly to previous seasons where everything was in one thread, but it instead is just there to let people do things without necessarily having to plan or communicate initially, and they can branch off into their own threads once they have something together. Hub threads will always be stickied in their respective areas, and their threads can be used for the entire district of that area (i.e. If you want to go to a restaurant near Dark Zone, then you can post in the hub thread).

Communication is the key to success in forum roleplays, especially this one, so don't be timid and talk to people!
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