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"Welcome Back."

Post by Best Girl on Sun Oct 29, 2017 6:15 pm

Cardfight!! Vanguard - the Trading Card Game that dominates the world’s TCG scene where - in concept - you lead as the “Vanguard” against others with the objective of victory through six damage checks. The main appeal is the imagination players use to describe their battles. Imagine this: when playing the game, you and your foe are astral beings on a planet very much like our own: Planet Cray. There, the Vanguard had the powers of Ride and Call. … But that was only the beginning. As the history of two worlds unfurled, heroes and renegades clashed, then three iconic leaders were imprisoned. Thus began the urgent era of Limit Break, where the Vanguard could unleash devastating power when pushed to the edge. Even further did the Vanguard evolve, obtaining Break Ride in the start of what would be a legendary crisis. Over time, the depth and diversity of the game exploded, in which every being and every play was unique to that game and to those people. And when a catastrophic ability to erase all of that appeared, mankind huddled together and reaffirmed their bonds with Legion.

Today, Vanguard has evolved even further and will continue to do so.

“Stride” - the phenomena overtaking Cray in which units transcend or summon divine beings of ages past or potential futures… Humanity was gifted this power early before, and it was cruelly stolen away. With it, the nature of Vanguard itself was threatened.

Yet, the adults and elderly of this generation can place a kind hand upon their child’s shoulder and tell them; “It’s fine now”. Heroes of the Legendary Era have fought long and hard for the day Vanguard returned to its state of glory. Now, it has with the miracle of summoning the future of one’s heart: Stride. With the game - the way of life - restored and the transformation of possibilities granted permanently, the world is beginning to change as man ushers a new era.

“That is why I humbly request”, the blue-haired beauty on your television screen continues with a kind smile with warmth from her oddly colorless eyes. “That you be here to see the birth of the new world order. As we reform the Vanguard Association from the ground up within these years, I invite you to an event where the strongest may meet with the spirit of competition and the full use of all of Vanguard’s capabilities. The Messiah Scramble... our official greetings to the next step of Vanguard. From the gateway of Mt. Fuji exists the stage of Isle Jigen - a mystical land where the spiritually enriched welcome us with open arms for our grandeur of evolution.

So fans, friends, fighters… Heed my plea, and participate in the event that marks the revolutionary new tomorrow!”

Lights dim, showing a stage and three girls in white cheerleading outfits of light green, yellow, and red trimming on each separate outfit. As an upbeat tune begins to play, spotlights shine upon them, revealing the Shop PSY hostesses: GR - Generation Rare. The sisters F Chopper KOGA, FUKI, and the miraculously returning Tomozo lift their heads with smiles as they begin to dance and sing to the tune:

That hand -
Draw the Card
- that attracts a miracle
Ride On!
Call Out!
Stand Up!

You are bombarded by the majestic images of Isle Jigen - a home of nomads with a gorgeously built environment of beautiful fountains, resorts, spectacular beachside views, friendly residents along with who could be assumed to be the village leader and a large statue of a familiar six-winged dragon at the center of a plaza. All the while shots of the idol group twirling and winking at the screen play in-between the clips of the island. A sort of roman-colosseum is displayed as the stage in which the three-day tournament will be held. Those invited as spectators or fighters will have paid expenses (more so for the fighters than the audience) and a grand prize is advertised to mark one’s place as an exceptional fighter and the first winner of the first official event in the new Stride Generation. The prize will be an incredible trophy designed by two super powers in the form of a card outfitted to one’s image.

Transportation will be through a specific route going through the base of Mt. Fuji and spectators are welcomed for four days while participants get a full week vacation sponsored by the Vanguard Association and the Espoir Foundation.

A showing of a holy knight clad in incredibly detailed silver armory containing light, glowing blue trimming and a red cape is displayed before your eyes. Atop a similarly-armed steed, the knight raises an energy-infused blade to the rival before it. Said foe being another warrior of sorts in native armory design, wielding what seems to be a flaming chakram in hand as he conjures flames around himself and the steely weapon. With a smirk, his black, iron greaves are planted onto the ground as Divine Knights Gablade and Mahmud stare each other down as an age-old brawl between Royal Paladin and Kagero commences for the advertisement’s end.

You are moving about through the transportation process very soon as you see many excited around you as participants and spectators. Getting through the long lines may or may not be droning, but the breathtaking view of Isle Jigen as you feel you cross into an entirely new world from the border takes your attention.

Take in the sights, register yourself at the desks, and re-familiarize yourself with those you’ve met before the battles begin.

A dark, looming force awaits from the shadows as the declaration of renewed Vanguard is to soon take place.
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