Season 5 Transition and Card Restrictions

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Season 5 Transition and Card Restrictions

Post by Best Girl on Sat Oct 07, 2017 5:43 pm

G Era introduces a number of massive changes for the RP, so pay attention.

- Cards are restricted by Season. The Season is 5/G Season 1, so GBT01-GBT04 with exceptions for GBT05 are allowed. G-TD01 to G-TD05 are allowed. G Extra Booster 1 and G Clan Boosters 1 and 2 are allowed. And, of course, the first Legend Deck is allowed.

- In order to keep participating in official events, you must do well in the previous events or be doing quests to keep an ample FICA score. While the exact number of your FICA is not tallied, how much you do will be noted, so be active to stay relevant.

- Stride Fusions bypass booster restrictions (provided the Stride Fusion is within reason), but they must be developed into by one of the people who uses the base form as an avatar. (For example: Jessie's Avatar is Gaiaemperor and another Tachikaze player has Ancient Dragons. The Stride Fusion in question is Gaia Dynast, so Jessie must obtain it first before the Ancient Dragon player can play it.

- Sans Stride Fusions, Branch Directors can use anything from any booster (within reason) they feel is necessary. Also, they are allowed to use 12 Card G Zones in this Season (without G Guardians). However, as soon as they have 8 face up cards in their G Zone, they cannot Stride any further.

- Please limit the number of custom cards you use this season to a very small amount and if that card is obviously significant in making your deck stronger, make it development. Try to limit yourself to three custom cards maximum and make G Units exclusively for development.

- Up to three people can share the same single avatar card.

- Grand Sanctuary members cannot use their real decks for any reason this season.

- Generation Break 3 and Keywords not introduced in any of the above boosters are not allowed until the second half (which will be announced when we get there). Additionally, they will both require character development for your specific character trying to get either.

- Deletors will not be available at any time unless granted special permission by me. You may not play them until I give you the okay to. Failure to comply will result in Harbinger eating you.
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