Lei Concordia, The Radiant Spirit

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Lei Concordia, The Radiant Spirit Empty Lei Concordia, The Radiant Spirit

Post by Houndoomer on Mon Aug 21, 2017 11:58 pm

Lei Concordia, The Radiant Spirit Qjlaupj

Lei Concordia, The Radiant Spirit

IGN: Houndoomer
Name: Lei Concordia
Age: 16
Gender: Sun boi
Nation: United Sanctuary
Main Clan: Gold Paladin
Alignment: Protagonist
Generation: New Generation Rookie!
Avatar Card: Sunrise Ray Knight, Gurguit (Current)

Personality: Lei is known to be extremely patient and understanding. He confronts most situations with a smile and is very go-lucky. Lei is good with helping others, especially talking them out of low points. He enjoys trying new things; especially seeing new places. After discovering Vanguard, he only grew more cheerful, wanting to make as many memories as he can through Vanguard.

Biography: Lei was born in a city not far off from United Sanctuary's location, where he was also raised. As a child he'd like to watch cardfights from a distance but could never quite get himself into the game. He was never too much attached to one clan, either; but that'd change eventually after being inspired by a certain fight. Lei, surprisingly enough, doesn't have any notable friends despite his demeanor. He now aims to be the best he can be for the sake of seeing what wonders he can experience through Vanguard.

STRIDE..! Theme: Silvery Wings
Accel World - Silvery Wings

Epic Fight Theme: Pride
Date a live-Proud

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