What's an Encore?! - Tobiro "Tobi" Seragaki

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What's an Encore?! - Tobiro "Tobi" Seragaki Empty What's an Encore?! - Tobiro "Tobi" Seragaki

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What's an Encore?! - Tobiro "Tobi" Seragaki A2dk0p

-themes will come soontm-

IGN: Anjaro
Name: Tobiro Seragaki
Alias: Tobi
Age: 17
Gender: boi(?)
Nation: Dark Zone
Main Clan: Pale Moon
Secondary Clan: N/A
Alignment: True Neutral
Generation: New Generation

Avatar Card: Masked Magician, Harri

Personality: Tobiro is a person with what some might call an "impressionable mold" for an attitude. He himself has awkward bursts of anger, often due to having no other prompt outlet of emotions. He has difficulty understanding cues of joy and happiness, not due to any traumatic event or the like, he just has a sturdy temper. On the flipside, however, he has no friends and thus doesn't understand the function of cliques or having connections or bonds. As such, he's flexible and impressionable. People who are considered powerful or ambitious may drive him to become stronger as well, or those with a strong sense of kindness and charitable nature could instill a sense of hopefulness in him. Other than the ability to have his personality easily shaped by others, he's rather feisty.

Background: Growing up as a mostly temperamental child, Tobiro never made many friends going through school. Even now in high school, he still vastly struggles with maintaining any semblance of a relationship with most. It takes drastic measures or great common interest in a competitive subject, often leading to rivalries at best. Many consider him to just be overzealous, but for the most part he's just a bit angry (though comically so.) Now in his last year of high school, he has been hearing rumors of a game from his classmates, something called Vanguard. Nothing he's ever been particularly interested in, seeing posters for the game when he was younger too. It is only now that he's been taken in by the entrancing effects of it,
having yet learned the ropes of it nor really having found a deck to resonate with. He's too prideful to go asking, so he finds himself playing the game alone mostly, or convincing his grandpa to play it with him on days he doesn't have work.

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