Whispers of Grandeur: Sabaki Hosei

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Whispers of Grandeur: Sabaki Hosei Empty Whispers of Grandeur: Sabaki Hosei

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Remove the gun, and you've got Sabaki Hosei. He does, however, also own a white tux and top hat, so keep that under consideration down the road.

IGN: Beryl
Name: Sabaki Hosei
Alias: The Shade
Age: 23
Gender: it could be anything you want to be perfectly honest (male)
Nation: Dark Zone
Main Clan: Nubatama
Secondary Clan: Pale Moon
Alignment: Antagonist
Generation: New

Avatar: Stealth Dragon, Shiranui
Silver Thorn Dragon Empress, Venus Luquier

Personality: Throughout history, in many acts of war, corruption, and oppression, there has been a whisper in the air, convincing people to commit such terrible attrocities. That whisper is consistent in its newest incarnation, Sabaki Hosei. The Shade gets his alias from his talent at taking reasonable people, convincing them of a dark path, and then easily avoiding any and all repercussions for being such an influence, including when those people are caught. Even with a trail of such instances over the years, Sabaki remains practically incognito, even when those know the real him by name. It's as though he manipulates them into forgetting his existence afterwards.

As a matter of fact, it is one of several "simple" talents this deceptive individual has. Sabaki trained as a stage magician/motivational speaker in his past, letting his public perception stay strong and positive while he participated in many a backroom deal and other forms of corruption. He is in fact a key individual in connection with several major world agencies, including a new one recently opened in Japan roughly two years ago, which trains people to become soldiers. Primarily, he is a specialist in hypnosis and illusionist techniques, mainly used as methods of persuasion and his means of escaping danger. Most of his recent subjects have been very subtle but gradual, a trait he hopes will help him move up the ranks to the Grand Sanctuary faster than anyone else.

While he's able to keep a good face with just about anyone due to his jack-of-all-trades approach to social interaction, Sabaki has very few individuals, other than subjects, that he keeps close contact with. Two of them are The Snake, Varess, and the Killer Queen, Chris, whom he calls with slight teasing affection Ress and Chrissy respectively. He views them as significant keys to the kingdom when it comes to the Grand Sanctuary, but has great respect for them as people and what they've accomplished. The other is Kiga, the Branch Leader of Dark Zone. Kiga is more or less a replacement for the loss of Sabaki's mother to cancer, and the reason he decided to start and reside in the Dark Zone area of all places, while also a point of interest in the Grand Sanctuary. Despite seeking to usurp her, Sabaki has no desire for harm to come to her, and will readily defend his pseudo-mother if need be.

Biography: Working on it in a Google Doc right now. Will be showcased in the RP and is, like the others, available on request. However, I will be posting it very soon, for the purpose of setting the stage for future seasons.

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