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Lisse has a concealed holster for the weapon formerly known as the "Regalia of the Fool," known only to her as "Scope X," on her leg.

IGN: Beryl
Name: Lua Konoha Lisse Akiyama
Alias: The Sharpshooter, "Hawk"
Age: 22
Gender: that which cooks meat
Nation: Star Gate
Main Clan: Genesis (White Witches)
Secondary Clan: Dimension Police (Enigmen)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Note: This will be affected by [planned] events in the RP, but is her current starting alignment.)
Generation: New

Avatar Cards: Witch of Transcendent Knowledge, Rosemary (The Seal)
Enigman Tornado

Personality: Lisse is a mercenary with a haughty sense of justice, aiming to be somewhat of a heroic vigilante in her work as a sharpshooting agent for a private organization whose name is unspeakable to her. She is diligent to tasks at hand and loyal to those she deems worthy being loyal to. In this particular case, Lisse is devoted to her Branch Director, Hideyoshi Sasaki, and his goals and aims. Of course, this isn't without a future in mind; Lisse is genuinely interested in the Cosmic Heroes Yoshi-sensei wields, and the possibility of seizing a future with them is actively in the front of her mind as she falls lock in step.

The unfortunate truth is that Lisse has no memories preceding her time with her company or the Star Gate branch. Every time she tries to remember, an image of blurring colors comes to mind and hurts her head. In some other occasions, while at work, Lisse almost seems to enter a trance, her eyes blanking as her focused self takes over. Some have come to associate it with her avatar, Rosemary, as if merging the two suddenly turns Lisse into a tool.

Biography: Will be revealed as plot demands, but also available via request on Discord/Skype.

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