Reading Rainbow - Tiana Enlil

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Reading Rainbow - Tiana Enlil Empty Reading Rainbow - Tiana Enlil

Post by Dementuo on Wed May 03, 2017 1:00 pm

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Reading Rainbow - Tiana Enlil FisHFuD

IGN: Kay
Name: Tiana Enlil
Age: 28
Gender: grill
Nation: Zoo
Main Clan: Genesis
Alignment: ??
Generation: New Generation

Avatar Card: Midnight Regalia, Nyx

Personality: Tiana is a very vocal and confident woman. She doesn’t shy away from voicing her opinion should she feel it relevant, and will often try to offer wisdom or advice to those around her. She has a habit of trying to help those close to her with as many of their problems as she can, which she developed from her job as a teacher. She enjoys debating with others simply to learn more about their opinions, regardless of whether she’s in the right or not. Tiana also has a knack for history, frequently reviewing historical texts or other documents to learn more about both Earth’s history, as well as Cray’s. She prides herself on being well-versed in Cray’s lore especially.

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