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"Radiant Fist" Neo Isamu 6dGD8rE

IGN: NeoBuster
Name: Neo Isamu
Alias: "Radiant's Ultimate"
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Nation: Dragon Empire
Main Clan: Narukami
Secondary Clan: Royal Paladin
Alignment: Hero
Generation: Legend

Avatar Cards:
Dragonic Kaiser Blitzkrieg Fury! "Kaiser's Rampage!"
Dragonic Kaiser Gigavolt! "The Next Generation of Kaiser's!"
Brawler, Big Bang Knuckle Buster! "Passionate Fist!"
Eradicator, Gauntlet Buster Dragon! "Scorching Fist!"
Dragonic Vanquisher! "Chaos Lightning!"
Blue Sky Knight Altmile! "Radiant Knight of Destiny!"


Neo can usually be seen wearing a Red Jacket with Black Jeans and Red Sneakers. Most of the time since he is always traveling, he is seen with a Red Travel Bag that he carries around. Other times Neo can be found wearing a White T-Shirt with a Black Leather Jacket on top of that with the same black jeans and white sneakers. Neo also carries with him a brand new state of the art Portable Standing Fight table since his old one was destroyed during the reaper attacks. He wears a machine like disk on his right arm which when he cardfights, takes off from his wrist and turns into the fight table.


Many years have passed since the events of the reapers and Neo since then has completely changed as a person. He has a more serious personality and takes everything in life with more of a serious tone, acting like each day is going to be his last. Neo ends up leaving Umano to not only find where he belongs in the world and to continue searching on the disappearance of his parents, but is also roaming the world to help those in need with his new power which was permanetly given to Neo when Blitzkrieg Fury's spirit merged with him. He only uses these powers for good intentions or when his life is at risk and when these powers activate, Neo's eyes change in color to display that with one glowing yellow and the other glowing green. Neo also has stayed very distant from all of his friends from Umano during his travels which shows that he wanted to be left more alone after the reaper attacks.

Season 2!

Neo Isamu was a man on a mission to search for his missing parents. It was his goal to find out what had happened to them 10 years ago when they vanished without a trace. So while on his journey, he met alot of different fighters. Eventually learning about the clans that got sealed away and why, Neo finally figured out why he had the Narukami clan instead of his usual Kagero. Over time Neo bonded with the Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion which looked alot like the Dragonic Overlord, one of the reasons that many people were interested in Neo. Its also the reason why he made all of the friends he did. Even though he met them in weird ways. He had met Hana and Yukino at the park and had his first adventure one night and even ate dog food due to being hungry. Neo was also invited to the Espoir Mansion to stay since he didnt have a home at the time. Neo also met Seifer who was a stranger at the time at the train station and Tsubasa roaming around the park. While being lonely at first, Neo had met some great people who turned out to be some of his closest friends. At one point Neo almost died after a tough cardfight with Kurai and was saved by Hazama and Haruki, too which Neo still owe a great debt too. But this caused Neo to have alot of self doubt, to the point where he wanted to give up. This is when Neo found out about the mystery of PSY shop and was given Armor Break Dragon. A powerful card from the future. With Armor Break and Vermillion, Neo was not going to be stopped. Eventually after meeting Neu, Neo found out why Neu sealed the clans away and for a short period of time he joined her side. Neo wanted everyone to be happy just like Neu. However, not everyone agreed on the clans being sealed away. Neo then cardfought a person named Jellal and his Aqua Force and Jellal showed Neo that the path he was currently on, wasnt the right path. Neo then realized he couldnt side with Neu but he didnt hate her also. He understood how she felt. After some time, the NY circuit took place and Neo took part. He would lose in the 2nd Round to Yukino and her Gold Paladins. But in the end he was happy he got to fight her. When he lost his match, Neo opened this letter he got at the amusement park, eventually finding out that his parents just left him. Neo was heartbroken, and felt even more lost. Then came a chance to save all of Cray and all Neo had to do was defeat Cero and his Narukami but Neo couldnt get the job done. Combine another tough loss, finding out your parents just left you and your favorite card Vermillion then vanishing in thin air. Neo was a broken soul. He didnt know what to do at that point..

Season 3!

The circuit was over and everything had ended. Neo took his flight back to Japan but didnt know exactly what to do. He had no house, no job and no where to stay. Then after the flight, Hana told Neo that she was going on a world tour and gave Neo the oppotunity to be her bodyguard. Neo couldnt believe the offer she made to him so he accepted. So Neo worked as Hana's bodyguard for a whole year while seeing the whole world. While working as her bodyguard as well as seeing the sights, Neo worked and trained hard in Vanguard as well. With only 1 copy of Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion, Neo searched for new heights. He eventually found out about the new Narukami cards known as Eradicators and trained hard with them while earning his payday. When Hana's tour ended, Neo had enough money from working to buy his own house. So now Neo lives by himself in a nice house close to the new school hes going too. He hopes to create new memories that will last a lifetime. And even maybe find out about why his parents truely left him. Returning back to Japan after working as Hana's bodyguard for her world tour, Neo was back in town. A year had passed by and everything seemed to be different while other things stayed the same. With the money he got for working for Hana, Neo bought a house close to the school he was going too. He then met up with his friends Tsubasa and Seifer while meeting Seifer's roommate Rosalia. Then while in the forest, Neo had an encounter with Amon (Formally know as Kurai as well has Hazama. Which lead Neo to explaining to Rose everything that happened to Neo. Eventually school started and Hana decided to form a Cardfight Club, so of course Neo had to join it right!? After a few months passed by, Neo had returned to Shop PSY after being forewarned about a strange power that was being spread around the world. Neo then had to square off against one of the Shop PSY shop owners who was using a rather odd card.. a reversed Neo Nectar unit. Neo lost a cardfight and then was turned into a Reverse fighter. As it turned out Neo was one of the people that started the "Reverse". He defeated fighters left and right with his new power and it spread. He even beat his friend Rosalia and reversed her and kept on beating fighters.. Until one day Neo's best friend Tsubasa confronted Neo and challenged him to a fight to save Neo.. and with the power of his Gold Paladins that is what Tsubasa did. He saved his best friend from the suffering he was going through. Eventually Neo was taken to the hosiptal due to the extent of the injuries from the cardfight and that was when he said goodbye to Seifer due to the Reverse. Thats when Neo decided to make a bold decision. Filled with nothing but guilt he decided to leave Japan to avoid fighting with his friends to deal with the Reverse and instead travels around the world improving his skills as a fighter. A painful decision but one Neo made and has to live with.  

Season 4!

Returning to Japan after being freed from Reverse, Neo returned to help his fellow friends and cardfighters fight against the War. Feeling guilty after being Reversed and reversing his friends, He wanted to do everything in his power to help them and redeem himself. After some horrible losses including another Tournament loss, Neo hit rock bottom once again and didn't know what to do, until Bashiro appeared before him and helped Neo out with his Brawler deck. Even Yukino helped Neo out to become stronger with his mind and spirit. After some time of facing the reapers, Neo eventually gained his confidence back but would soon lose it after watching all of his Narukami aces get deleted all in one shot which then found Neo in some alternate dimension of sorts where a stranger gave him a new power to defeat the reapers with. Neo still doesn't know who the person (or thing) was that helped him that day but Neo owes that person a huge debt. The power Neo was given was the "Dragonic Kaiser Blitzkrieg Fury" which turned out to be Neo's ace to defeat the reapers. Eventually he was able to control the power of Blitzkrieg and has now formed a strong bond with it which Neo displays when his eye colors change but only uses/displays this power. After mastering the power of Blitzkrieg, Neo faced off against the monster who forced all the pain and suffering in Soverigen and with the power of the 3 Kaisers behind him, Neo was able to achieve victory. However Neo then was transported to Akasha Straum along with everyone else and was deleted back and forth due to Hyperdeaths power and torture. However thanks to the power of everyones prayers and everyone begging for forgivness through the tough time, Everyone gained the power of stride and was able to destroy Hyperdeath and be released back to the world where everything was found back to normal!

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