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The Destined Blade: Jellal Kisaragi Empty The Destined Blade: Jellal Kisaragi

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"I fight the world, I fight you, I fight myself
I fight God, just tell me how many burdens left
I fight pain and hurricanes, today I wept
I'm tryna fight back tears, flood on my doorsteps."

"Just in case my faith go, I live by my own law."

The Destined Blade: Jellal Kisaragi TB9Cuyu

"Where do I stand? To the left where nothing is right or the right where nothing is left?"

IGN: Zane Kisaragi || Hope
Name: Jellal Kisaragi
Primary Alias: The Destined Blade
Secondary Alias: Midnight Reaper, Blue Avenger, Fatass (Blaster Dark only), Master (by his students).
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Nation: United Sanctuary
Main Clan: Shadow Paladin
Former Clan(s): Aqua Force
Alignment: Hero
Generation: Legend Generation

Avatar Card(s):
The Determination
Blaster Dark ---> Blaster Dark Revenger/Abyss ---> Blaster Dark "Diablo"
Sin of Darkness
Phantom Blaster Dragon ---> Phantom Blaster Overlord ---> Revenger, Phantom Blaster "Abyss" ---> Phantom Blaster "Diablo"
Order of the Storm
Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom ---> Blue Storm Supreme Dragon, Glory Maelstrom
The Shadow of Rebirth
Revenger, Raging Folm Dragon

Musical Themes:

Jellal Kisaragi started off with pure blonde spiky hair and wore his black school uniform consisted of red tie and a white shirt underneath. His most dominant feature was his pure blue eyes, as bright as the skies above. Above all, his smile was filled with care, intensity, and fun. However, after a certain tragedy, Jellal Kisaragi's hair grew darker, literally his hair was divided by his former golden blonde and the new tainted darkness. He started to dawn a more serious expression, occasionally gloomy, however at rare moments still had the same intense determined look. Jellal also carries his signature sword around him, though what it means to him and what purpose it holds is unknown. After the events of Phantom Blaster Overlord: Jellal's eyes grow more vibrant in color reflecting his new found justice and positive outlook as he held onto Aqua Force. Years after his defeat, he returned the same as he was before but his eyes shifted to purple when he reunited with his ally Blaster Dark while forming a bond with Revenger, Raging Folm Dragon.

While he does continue to wear his uniform (with occasional altering colors), Jellal Kisaragi's newest attire consists of a rather large kimono in contrast to his very slim body with an overcoat, as though it were a cape. His accessories include his trademark sword that he keeps at his side and occasionally a wolf-like scarf when travelling to keep himself warm. Other times, usually in professional work or in times of battle, Jellal dawns on a uniform similar to the Japanese Military, completed with boots, gloves, hat, and an overcoat. However his hair at times has been shown to grow into ridiculous lengths that he keeps at times for a month's length before cutting it due to how much it costs to get it trimmed down to his regular style.

Picture Dump:

The Destined Blade: Jellal Kisaragi CwOl1xS
(Jellal Kisaragi)

The Destined Blade: Jellal Kisaragi F7q5uQt
(Jellal's Military Attire)

The Destined Blade: Jellal Kisaragi News_large_nuramago25image
(Jellal's Kimono)

The Destined Blade: Jellal Kisaragi M3KAOOZ
(Chef Jellal)

The Destined Blade: Jellal Kisaragi KvbMAty
(Jellal Kisaragi's Season 4 Appearance)

The Destined Blade: Jellal Kisaragi GSE_Jellal
(Jellal's Original Banner: Season 1 - Season 2)

Personality & Biography
Jellal Kisaragi is a character who can defined by who he is personally and what he represents. Originally, Jellal was a very closed individual who had much trouble making friends. He rarely ever talked to anyone. Due to his empty social life, he became cold and isolated from everyone and everything, with one exception. Vanguard. This game was his way of expressing himself in ways that words could not: from his strategies, from his deck, his units. His fifty card stack made up of the clan Shadow Paladin could tell you more about him than what he was willing to tell himself. However, one thing stood out more than anything, especially in a fight: determination. That determination propelled him to new heights; almost never gave up, pushing himself to overcome any obstacles, moving towards the future without looking back, and to see things out to the very end.

Jellal Kisaragi was born in Japan to both of his parents, and at the age of five, moved to America with his mother to live with his grandparents after his father passed away. Jellal carries his father's last name and his signature sword with him to honor him. Jellal grew up under the care of his mother who worked at his grandfather's dojo to provide and care for him while he continued to live his life, thus is thankful for his mother. Jellal's relationship with his grandfather, however, is lukewarm; his grandfather has expectations but isn't afraid of belittling him if Jellal should fail to meet said expectations - even speaking ill of his father for leaving his family behind. Despite that Jellal shows the utmost respect and appreciation for his grandfather all that he's done. Through his years, he's become proficient at sword handling, mastery in Systema; a russian martial arts, while majoring in computer engineering. He also shares an interest towards culinary, mythology, and languages: being able to speak fluently in English, Spanish, and Japanese (only towards his mother). At the age of 16, Jellal met his first friend, Kaze, who played Vanguard. A few months later, Kaze claimed he could hear the cards "talking". At first, Jellal thought he was joking but later noticed Kaze's odd behavior, appearing to be controlled by Phantom Blaster Dragon and ordered him to do a ritual that caused Kaze to be put in a coma for three months. Jellal was then given a passport and credit card by his mother and headed back to Japan to clear his mind from the incident. She told him she loved him very much and to take care of himself before sending him off.

As he got more involved in Vanguard, Jellal started to be open with himself, especially his past. He came to the conclusion that he was running away from it all; his accident involving his best friend (after claiming he could hear a certain unit speaking to him), from his guilt of not being able to help him, the despair of knowing that he was too weak to help his friend. He wanted to get better and to get stronger but he cherished the final memory of his friend and aligned himself with that very unit that took him away from Jellal, the very embodiment of his fear: Phantom Blaster Dragon. Although, he found some solace in another unit: Blaster Dark. He also learned how much he loathed himself for running away, for being weak. He wanted to change that: by getting stronger so something like that won't ever happen again. He crossed paths with many different people who also submerged themselves in Vanguard, to which he realized he no longer was running away but was moving forward, especially in his mission to unseal Aqua Force. However, this same determination fueled by fear and self-loathing drove him down a path, becoming the enemy of Vanguard. Joining hands with the malicious Phantom Blaster Overlord, both Jellal and Phantom used each other to lay waste towards anyone who dared to oppose the two of them and sacrificed everything from allies, their enemies, and even themselves for their own goals. However, their plan failed when the Chosen Sword of Yukino Espoir faced their darkness with her light and formed a harmony with Jellal, a friendship by creating the Ultimate Vanguard.

Jellal begins to turn his life around for the better: protecting Vanguard in any way, shape, and form as atonement for his actions. Jellal also assists players new and old who are struggling so that they don't follow down the path he pursued. Of course he does regret his actions, but as he learned from before, Jellal knew there was no point in running away from his sins but to embrace them, learn from them, and to face everything that comes after. His values of order and justice surface from this experience, once he reclaimed Aqua Force and fought against those who sided with Neu and her attempt to seal away specific clans, one of them being Shadow Paladin. With the fate of his original clan, his avatar Blaster Dark, and even his former enemy: Phantom Blaster, Jellal fought to free them alongside Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom, the Dragon of Order. He even challenged Neu herself in the final stage, in an attempt to end all of it, evolving Maelstrom into "Blue Storm Supreme Dragon, Glory Maelstrom", however although the clans were freed, he was lost into the Void.

While Jellal's fate remained unknown, in an alternate timeline: another Jellal Kisaragi existed there as he mentored Aoi Undyne. This Jellal had no history or connection to Shadow Paladin (as far as what's known), meaning these are two separate Jellal Kisaragi's, however he too was also "deleted from time". Though it should be mentioned that the Jellal of the alternate timeline was a kind individual and was the Master of Aqua Force, who took great care of his clan and his students such as Aoi Undyne. At some point later, the current timeline's Jellal Kisaragi had suddenly reappeared with a case of amnesia of himself, his past, and everything about Vanguard. After overcoming his condition in a battle against Chimera, he met with familiar yet forgotten faces, especially the voice of his other half, Blaster Dark. With the help of Aoi and Maelstrom, Jellal found his determination once more, after being pushed to the brink of despair; which led him to a purpose, a stronger conviction, and even a new power within Revenger, Raging Folm Dragon. He stood beside his allies, fighting alongside them and protecting them from the threats to come. It is later revealed that after his defeat by Neu, Jellal was to be locked by the Void until Phantom Blaster sealed him away from the Void to recover his injuries. Phantom Blaster was also the cause of Jellal's amnesia; to erase the painful memories that he's caused Jellal and as atonement for trying to rescue the Shadow Paladins. Due to being sealed by Phantom Blaster's power for over a year, Jellal's bond with Aqua Force was severed indefinitely.

"A Legend among Legends" is probably the first thing that comes when his name is brought up years later. His entire being is defined by his actions: his ideology, his sacrifices, his growth, especially his determination. These moments are forever etched into Vanguard's history as part of his legacy to help protect Vanguard. In these days, Jellal is still assisting and helping out players find their path. Jellal decided to act on his revelation after the battle against Nemesis, and assists in establishing a world without senseless conflict. His fateful encounters taught him many important values, especially the importance of friendship and bonds. He wishes to incorporate these values into each fighter in a similar fashion that his alternate counterpart taught Aoi. Jellal spends most of his time researching and trying to understand the world or world(s) and their lores, as he continues to honor his previous atonement. The rest of the time is spent travelling the world, especially to America to visit his grandfather's dojo which, due to Jellal being made second-in-command of the family dojo in exchange for paying his expenses, now has a Cardfight course to take in and teach players Vanguard, thus becoming his students. Jellal's efforts has earned him a positive reputation within the states as well as being sponsored by many businesses. He still retains some of his shyness, still preferring to keep chats short, doing things on his own, but he's been improving, occasionally meeting up with old friends for drinks and asking others for help. Despite being offered positions from Nation Branches, Jellal prefers to remain free and not tied down as he doesn't see having those duties as part of his aim. He's grown to appreciate both the finer and the minor aspects of life and cherish each waking moment as part of desire to protect the world and the future of Vanguard. He is very difficult to get in touch of because of how often he's busy researching or on his travels all over the world, especially in America, but when help is needed, he'll always be there to assist those he considers his friends.

Chants and Quotes:
"Corrupted Dragon, let the world distort in herald of your shadowy chaos. Let those who challenge you be sent to an oblivion beyond hell itself! Crossride, Phantom Blaster Overlord!"

"Herald to my absolute storm, hear my cry for justice and let your tempest restore order to the world! Ride: Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom!"

"I wonder how much longer will we need to keep doing these final battles. Every time we resolve one, there's always another. Seems like an endless struggle. I'm not complaining, in fact, I'm grateful to be able to participate in yet another final battle but..., is this really the final battle?"

"Stand at the helm of your sublime shadow! Thunder forth, sword of determination! Ride, Blaster Dark "Diablo"!"

"The shadow of death will descend upon this battlefield! Your unholy sable will throw our enemies to an oblivion beyond hell itself! Stride Generation: Dark Dragon, Phantom Blaster "Diablo"!"

"Your pitch-black wings will cast darkness over all! Soar into the night skies, proud noble dragon! Stride Generation: Dark Dragon, Spectral Blaster "Diablo"!"

"Every light casts a shadow, mirrored by their darkest soul! Tremble at the pale sword! Stride Generation: Ethereal Black Ruler, Ivory Blaster "Diablo"!

"Bind the guilty in your chains and drag them to a despair beyond hope! Let no sinner escape your judgment, wrathful dragon! Stride Generation: Ethereal Jailer Dragon, Ebony Blaster "Diablo"!"

(more will be added in due time)


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