Ark of the Covenant - Eion

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Ark of the Covenant - Eion

Post by Jello on Wed Feb 01, 2017 7:39 pm

"I will relive the labors of our greatest benefactor
And bring an all-consuming fire back to humanity
We are an ever-progressing existence
Allow me to orchestrate a proper divine intervention"

The Azure Arbitrator - Liberation Blaze
Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke

IGN: Anjaro
Name: Eion McCarthy
Alias: "Prometheus"
Age: 23
Gender: arrogant boi
Nation: Zoo
Main Clan: Gold Paladin, Genesis
Alignment: Antagonist
Generation: New Generation

Avatar Card: Liberator of Oath, Aglovale ; Garish Liberator, Gawain ; Deceptive Devastation Deity, Loki

Personality: An introverted and ultimately bored individual on the plane of existence. Eion was born with no greater desire than to exist in a solely inapplicable world. One where his talents are not needed nor desired, so instead he relegates himself from any groups of friends. His ideals are born from solipsism, the idea that all their is in the world is the one true self and that is all you can know exists for sure. Coinciding with the philosophical latin phrases, Eion has dedicated himself to the belief that there is no other real being other than himself. In other words, an internal god complex.
However, lacking a bolstered ego and an extroverted personality, he keeps his pride humbly to himself, believing he to be the one being above all. This might be considered by many to be a delusion, but Eion will go to great and often inhumanely extreme lengths to prove otherwise. Some of these feats are considered by many to be godly in the sense of being impossible for ordinary humans to accomplish, having created something akin to a cult known in the west as "Torch of Prometheus", and that one day the god of mankind and benefactor of the human race will descend unto the world again, this time not to gift the human existence but to purge them in purgatorial blue fire for their misdeeds.
Eion thinks himself a secret justicar for the human race, though he rarely lets himself show it due to the mask of tranquility and indifference to the wrongs and rights one may possess. The only things he can be seem to show emotional difference to are those with immense power, ones who may get in the way of his goals.

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