Moonage Daydream - Sera

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Moonage Daydream - Sera

Post by Jello on Mon Jan 30, 2017 10:38 pm

"I am a man, capable of mass destruction
I am a man fighting with compassion built from all my sins
I am afraid but never let the feud take over me
That you're on the way, to take what's mine
I gotta find the piece that rests in me."

IGN: Anjaro
Name: Sera Nakahara
Alias: Glendios, Seraphim (Shared title with Haruka Nakahara)
Age: 10
Gender: satan boi
Nation: Star Gate
Main Clan: Link Joker
Secondary Clan: Nubatama
Alignment: Hero
Generation: Legend Generation

Avatar Card: Alter Ego Messiah

Personality: A sugar-spoiled brat with a mouth that makes sailors look like they've grown soft on the world. He's a nasty bugger and doesn't take much of an answer other than the one he wants to hear. This comes with his hubris and pride developed over being such a powerful force in the past, he cannot let go of his upbringing and thus no matter how much humanity he comes in contact with, he still views himself just above everybody else. That little bit is about the difference between an ant and a God, but he's brought down to Earth by the people who care for him, as that wasn't a common characteristic of the old crew he used to roll with. Sera is a loyal person, his pride making any attachments he decides to make semi-permanent and nigh impossible to detach. As such, he is an ally one will have 'til the very end, and an enemy that holds that grudge until the ends of the universe.

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