The Bartender

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The Bartender

Post by Lightning King on Wed Dec 28, 2016 9:42 pm

IGN: Lance Korilum
Name: Alysson Inai
Alias: The Bartender, Cold-ass Bitch, various other derogatory names given to her by drunks.
Age: 28
Gender: Bartender (Female)
Nation: Dark Zone
Main Clan: WIP
Secondary Clan: WIP
Alignment: Alcohol
Generation: Veteran Generation

Avatar Card: WIP

Personality: Alysson is, contrary to how you'd expect someone of her occupation to be, a rather cold person.  She can be heard sighing frequently by clients but otherwise is incredibly hard to read.  Not to say she's emotionless, just she's damn good at hiding whatever it is she's feeling most of the time.  Mostly so clients don't worry about her or dig into her past.  A bartender is supposed to listen to problems, not talk about their own.  She doesn't really have advice to give for the most part and is more of a listener than anything else, but when she can she'll say something.  Otherwise she might just respond with sarcasm, or nothing at all if that's more appropriate.  

If someone actually gets her to talk, it'll probably be filled with sighing and uncertainty with occasional bursts of frustration.  Really, she could use her own bartender sometimes to rant to.  She'll say that she dislikes people, but as you should be able to figure out from her occupation, that isn't completely true.  Really, she's just a bit lonely but has a hard time opening up to people.  Alysson will frequently use self-deprecating jokes that aren't particularly funny, even to herself, and sarcasm.  Her actual sense of humour, however, makes her seem like a completely different person.  When she hears an innuendo or an awful pun, she'll have great difficulty containing her laughter.  This makes serving certain drinks a bit difficult for her, but she manages.

She has a few unusual habits, including holding unlit cigarettes in her mouth fairly frequently, drumming her fingers against empty glasses when not mixing drinks, and offering just about anyone she actually has a proper conversation with outside of work a cigarette even when she knows they don't smoke.

Alysson has a...  Slight crush on Umirukka but would never admit it, even though she quietly snagged a picture of Umi smiling at some point to use as her phone background.

Biography:  Born in Canada to a Japanese father and a mother, Alysson was an only child raised by questionable parents.  Her life was fairly ordinary throughout her school days, barely studying, getting absurd grades, having teenage angst and drama, hating her parents for switching between neglectful and overprotective, dealing with shitty middle schoolers, you know how it goes.  However, a couple of years into her university career, her mother committed suicide unexpectedly throwing her father into a spiral of illogical anger and depression.  Alysson's funds were cut off, and another death hit her only a couple of months later: her girlfriend at the time, the reason behind it still unknown to Alyss.

She dropped out of university but her father refused to take her back in.  Canada was painful to be in anyways, so she used most of her money to move out.  To Japan of all places.  Alysson herself isn't sure why she chose Japan.  Sure, her father was raised here, but she hated him.  Luckily she managed to find a job in a bar that came with a discounted apartment nearby.  And then she just...  Worked there, picking up one of the local games that was popular among patrons.  It's been a few years since then, and she feels she's settled in quite nicely to the atmosphere of Japan.
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