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Divine Power: Leviathan Empty Divine Power: Leviathan

Post by Best Girl on Sun Dec 25, 2016 12:00 am

“Not a moment for, this torment now.
We can never fix, what a big big mistake
Not a moment for, this torment now.
It’s too late to fix, what a big big mistake
Divine crime, no one is to blame
Life, death, nothing shall remain

Chewing my own limbs, I’m the last to go
Finally it’s time. Oh paradise come.”



Divine Power: Leviathan MNqqeZk

IGN: Hope
Name: Divine Power: “Leviathan”/”Harbinger”
Alias: T h e   g o d   o f   H Y P E R D E A T H
Age: ???
Gender: Female(?)
Nation: United Sanctuary
Main Clan: Link Joker
Secondary Clan: Kagero (Seal Dragons, to be unlocked)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Generation: [Redacted]

Avatar Card:
Docking Deletor, Greion (God of Death)
Waving Deletor, Greidhol (God of Hyperdeath)
Original Deletor, Egorg (Original Self)
Uniform Deletor, Gnshal/Pitch-Black Deletor, Sho’gath (Spawn) (Latter to be unlocked)

Personality: Snarky, murderous, and without a care for any life describe the Hyperdeath God sufficiently without going into depth already. Harbinger is an incredibly selfish deity who cares only about herself and exudes a malicious aura, wishing suffering upon others for sport and entertainment. There is no logical reason as to why she enjoys death and misery, for it is simply in her being to thrive off of it. As the lead of Brandt’s Outer Gods, her illogical mind and existence fit the bill for a faction of eldritch horrorterrors. With a wicked grin does she stomp on those who oppose her or laugh at the cool, belittling their efforts to leave them with a sense of worthlessness. Sarcastically will she praise others, even her drones turned “agents” to constantly remind them that the evil incarnate is always laughing at them. All of the Deletors are, but mostly her, still retaining her arrogant and cocky nature from the era she ushered as an omnicidal divinity commanding Link Joker to destroy, ravage, and harvest millions of planets through many, many timelines. The only difference is she’s now on a leash.

Yes, a leash formed by her sworn enemy: Yukino Espoir. An interesting truth in Harbinger’s personality is brought by the “Chosen Shitstain” reviving her as a tool. If the God of Death disobeys, her life can be taken away in an instant, despite being an immortal. Normally, most villains would barely care, using their short time of new life to wreak havoc or even kill said enemy. However, the monster enjoys living due to the simple fact that she can continue to bring misery, discomfort, despair, and anguish to those around. Even her “owner” is no exception, reveling in the Chosen Sword’s heartache over literally anything and teasing her over it. Harbinger is arrogant enough to do so because to that woman she’s useful and indispensable, dubbed “The Strongest Pawn” by Exculpate.

Aside from her usual tendencies of being history’s most colossal bitch, Harbinger seems to be treated like a pet… more specifically, Yukino’s cat. Leviathan hilariously shares the traits with that of the stereotypical, annoying feline. She’s grating, ruining things by scratching at furniture or in Harbinger’s case just breaking things, keeps bugging her owner for food and demands petting while making irritated noises over anything and nothing. She even unintentionally emits angry cat noises when infuriated at times. Though she and Yukino absolutely despise one another, they’ve taken up going out to fooderies to eat together at times or just laze around in the latter’s office munching on takeout. In addition to that, due to the leash, there is a willing loyalty to Exculpate only to be able to keep living. The duo unites and synchronizes well, despite their hatred for the other.

There are only three people to exist as far as anyone knows that Harbinger shows genuine love and care: the Daunting Deletor, Fuki, and Koga. Her Reaper “brother” and her “sisters” from when she was once “Tomozo”. Her merging with the redhead left the elder sibling’s spirit fused with the Death God’s, even though she had obtained all the power she lost with her memories as “Egorg”. As such, she looks out for the cabbage and lemon, and had a fondness for tomatoes.

From her time of being smacked around or being put into a state of crippling pain by her “owner”, she’s surprisingly masochistic to keep making fun of Yukino and doesn’t mind being treated as her lapdog. Accepting the pain doesn’t seem to mean much when gritting teeth through it allows for upsetting others. All Leviathan desires is food and the deliverance of suffering.

“Bluh bluh, huge omnicidal bitch” is an accurate statement when regarding to this Divine Power. Speaking of, Harbinger seems to have absolutely nothing good to say about any of them, and this is a testament to the group of Gods’ interactions with one another - or rather, a sheer lack of. Seems to hate the Messiah the most, as “Creation” and “Destruction” cannot see one another in harmony. That aside, being one of the higher entities of the universe, the Vanguard Association means nothing to her, save Chronos, who she makes fun of. Vanguard itself means nothing, as it is only a means to give Hell.
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