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Post by Cipher on Sun Dec 18, 2016 3:36 pm

A Character Reference Drawn-blue-eyes-cute-anime-15

IGN: Cipher Izanagi
Name: Ikari Ketsueki
Gender: Boi
Nation: Zoo
Main Clan: Gear Chronicle
Secondary Clan: Genesis
Alignment: Possibly a hero
Generation: New Generation

Avatar Card: Interdimensional Dragon Knight, Lost Legend
Personality: A normally relaxed individual, Ketsueki can come off as abrasive though he's just blunt with his opinions and thoughts. He chooses to minimize his interactions with people, which is strange considering his choice to play Vanguard, however it's not for a lack of liking other people. He rather likes the company of others, he just doesn't know how to deal with them.

Biography: From a rather tender age, Ketsueki has always been alone, only seeing his parents on rare occasions that they were home from work with his life devoid of any friends. It wasn't because of a lack of trying, rather because his parents were never around to actually teach him social skills and abilities to interact with those of his age. This lead to a sad, lonely life in which he would begin avoiding people altogether, prompting the notice of Chronojet Dragon. One day, a silver haired man appeared before Ketsueki outside of his school, a gentle smile spread upon the man's face, and a deck of cards outstretched to the child. Ketsueki was at first confused and terrified as this was new to him. Someone was trying to interact with him? What should he say or do? Tentatively, he reached out for the deck taking it and when the man motioned to a fight table nearby, he followed. Why? There was some mild interest in this, as he looked over the cards he'd just gotten. He didn't have much time however, as the man began to teach him how to play the game, and even at the end of it, with the silver haired man rolling over him without even so much as any effort, Ketsueki had fun. He went to thank the man, who was already gone. Thanks to that small interaction, the boy began trying, slowly to learn how to interact and make friends. And hopefully one day he'd find the one who taught him how to play, and gave him the courage to try.

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