The Ultimate: Jellal Kisaragi

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The Ultimate: Jellal Kisaragi

Post by ZanKisaragi on Wed Dec 14, 2016 11:37 pm

"No one's gonna give you a map, you gotta follow your own path, to the final destination."

Darker than Black ~ Yours' truly
"Black Aggression ~ Prove your worth!"
"Black Storm ~ My Heart of Chaos"
"To Hell And Black ~ No way out"

Picture Dump:

IGN: Zane Kisaragi
Name: Jellal Kisaragi
Primary Alias: The Ultimate
Secondary Alias: The Midknight, Fatass (Blaster Dark only), Master (by his students).
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Nation: Magallanica
Main Clan: Shadow Paladin (Revenger, Raging Folm Dragon)
Secondary Clan: Aqua Force (Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom)
Alignment: Hero
Generation: Legend Generation

Avatar Card(s):
Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom (in the Glory timeline)
Blaster Dark Revenger
Revenger, Raging Folm Dragon

Personality: Before, Jellal Kisaragi was a shy individual preferring only to interact as little as possible. To be honest, he still does, preferring only to be called if it's an emergency, keeps idle chatting short, and always making moves without anyone knowing. He was originally a loner due to being racked with guilt by his failures, but after many fateful encounters, he has come to acknowledge the importance of having people around him. He is a very wise and intelligent man that very few can deny. He appreciates both the finer and the minor things in life, cherishing how important life is. In situations, he's very analytical, studying the information in front of him before acting. He's very blunt, cynical, and can be harsh however deep down he's very caring towards those whom he can consider a friend, ready to help them at any given point, preferring to work in the shadows behind the scenes. Nowadays, his work consists of researching and discovering the strange phenomena's of both worlds and their lore, as well as doing his best to maintain peace in the world, while occasionally participating in large scale tournaments.

Biography: I'll provide this later.

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