Cosmic Defender Clan Leader: Kazuki Ikaruga

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Cosmic Defender Clan Leader: Kazuki Ikaruga Empty Cosmic Defender Clan Leader: Kazuki Ikaruga

Post by Kaze on Sun Dec 11, 2016 1:25 pm

Cosmic Defender Clan Leader: Kazuki Ikaruga VU2cy0h
Theme: Never Let This Go
IGN: Kaze Natsume
Name: Kazuki Ikaruga
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Nation: Star Gate
Main Clan(s): Cosmic Defender, ???
Alignment: Hero
Generation: New Generation

Avatar Card(s): Burning Radience, Destiny Buster

Personality: Kazumi is a very hot headed person and doesn't like the fact of having to rely on others. He doesn't mind having friends but he will never get to close as to having a "best" friend. He can be stubborn when it comes to others around his age or older then him, but when it comes to little ones he has a soft heart due to the fact they can't always help themselves out as much as they would like too. Even he doesn't get close to others he does have emotions and would like to have someone he can look at as an equal so he can have someone to be with as rival/reliable friend. Kazumi is always looking forward to fights and if the battle gets too close he starts to get heated up in the middle of battle. If he is stuck in a boring cardfight he will always have some kinda smart remark and just end the game with no mercy if he is outta words to say.

Biography: Will explain in the role play

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