Kishi Kurokiba, the Sanctuary's Fourth Seat

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Kishi Kurokiba, the Sanctuary's Fourth Seat Empty Kishi Kurokiba, the Sanctuary's Fourth Seat

Post by Dementuo on Sun Dec 11, 2016 4:09 am

IGN: Kay
Name: Kishi Kurokiba
Alias: “Mother of the Sanctuary”
Age: 27
Gender: grill
Nation: United Sanctuary/4th Seat of the Grand Sanctuary
Main Clan: Shadow Paladin – Purgatory Knights
Alignment: Neutral
Generation: Grand Legend

Avatar Card: Purgatory Knights Leader, Demios Sword

Personality: Kishi is a cold-hearted woman who believes wholly in the words “Weakness is a sin”. The strong hold dominance in the world, dictating how it grows and develops, while those too weak to do so remain underneath them, supporting the strong. She believes that if the world is controlled by the weak instead of the strong, then the world will stagnate and be unable to grow, due to the weak being unable to push it forward. It is for this reason that she holds utter disdain for the new generation, and seeks to keep the world’s order in the hands of the older generation, who have already proven themselves more than capable.

Towards almost anyone, Kishi keeps her cold personality going, not showing any sign of weakness in her composure. Her philosophy of “Weakness is a sin” is what usually determines how she acts towards others, the most common result of this being a very uninterested or mildly annoyed Kishi. She does, in truth, sees most of the population as far below her, too weak to accomplish anything on their own- She is, however, open to being proven wrong. To those who have proven their strength in Kishi’s eyes, she acts far more kindly to them, supporting them as if they were her own children, Shadow Paladin users getting particularly special treatment.

She holds an incredibly strong hatred of the Gold Paladin clan, and even stronger loathing of Liberators. She refuses to acknowledge them as strong under any circumstances, believing them to be the epitome of weak, and constantly refers to them as “a pack of misguided fools”. At times, her hatred of the clan can be so severe as to cause physical stress on her body, making her feel pained or nauseous in particularly bad cases.

Kishi does hold special regard for the rest of the Grand Sanctuary; She sees Artorgius and Enma as friends, and holds considerable respect for Chronos, never once complaining about her position a seat below his as acknowledgement of his strength. She also will attest to Hideyoshi's strength, recognizing him as an important member of the Sanctuary and applauding his overwhelming physical strength (Watching him fight is something of a guilty pleasure for Kishi). However, for Kiga, Kishi holds no respect and derives no joy from her. Instead, there is only fear- Fear and bitter memories of an unspeakable terror, one that Kishi sincerely wishes to never experience again in her lifetime.

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