The Aimless Blade: Kachidoki Isao

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The Aimless Blade: Kachidoki Isao

Post by Doggy on Sat Dec 10, 2016 11:40 pm

“Bushido is realized in the presence of death.
This means choosing death whenever there is a choice between life and death.
There is no other reasoning.”

Oh Glory
Sword of Doom
Seeking Answers
Tears of a Brother
Who Are You Protecting

IGN: Andx
Name: Kachidoki Isao
Alias: "The Aimless Blade"
Age: 25
Gender: Sword Boi

Nation: Magallanica
Main Clan: Touken Ranbu
Secondary Clan: Murakumo
Avatar Card(s): Tsurumaru Kuninaga (The Masamume), Stealth Rogue of Revelation, Yasuie (The Muramasa)

Alignment: Hero
Generation: Veteran

Personality: Kachidoki remains a kind and honorable man even now after so long from the Reaper war. He is kind and courteous upon meeting people only ever dropping formalities with those he knows well. The transition has been difficult on him. He had been so set on the world ending and had no real faith that humanity would be able to win back the future. He was prepared to cease existing and now that it hasn't he must continue to face the pain of existence. Facing that fact has not been kind to him. The man alternates between periods of feeling good about the future and being happy and others of mass depression, wishing the end had come all those years ago. It's pretty clearly bipolar disorder but he won't ever seek help for it.

The Aimless Blade, as he has come to call himself, has a close friend in Solis the God of the Sun. The two shared many of the same views in the past and still do to this day. Solis however seems to have adjusted better and Kachidoki comes to him as a support when he starts feeling the depression setting back in. He hasn't made much of an effort to befriend others something he knows he should attempt to fix but the effort doesn't usually come out of the resolution.

Life seems pointless and fleeting to him. And yet despite that the pain of the past lingers powerfully. He will speak kind words to others and do all in his power to help them but there is none he feels who can lift his own burden. Only death can take it from him and even then he wonders. Somehow he tries to push on and find things to be happy about. Usually small things. He makes lists every day of things he should probably be happy about and then the next day judges whether or not he actually is and maybe why he isn't.

Vanguard is one of few enjoyments he has left to him. He has since switched to the Touken Ranbu clan though he still plays Murakumo often. He views them as twin blades, diametrically opposed to one another and both parts of his soul. These battles let him feel of the spirits of those he faces and impart in some small measure a glimpse of happiness.

If there is to be a future worth living the man believes it to be obscured from his view. As such he puts much faith in the new generation of fighters. Perhaps they, unclouded in vision as he is, would be able to show him the way to that light. And if so then fighting for them is worth every sacrifice. Despite that he still has much more life experience than most of them and is quick to share words of advice and wisdom.

He enjoys samurai history and movies and can often be found watching them at home when taking time to relax. He does in fact laugh and make jokes on occasion believe it or not. A bit of snark and sarcasm has snuck into his views of things and he will often joke to Solis along the lines of "isn't having a future wonderful?".True to his name he carried a blade about with him now which he never draws only keeps near his side. He enjoys the ocean and frequents it, though usually not to swim. On occasion he'll join Solis in trips to a bar though he never drinks to excess. As much as the numbing would be appreciated it would be shameful to lose control of himself.

Biography: After the Reaper War's resolution Kachidoki all but vanished, only keeping in contact with Solis over the occasional text message. He returned to his home town. What he did there he has not fully shared with anyone, not even Solis. But he did return two years ago with two blades. One white blade with a black sheath as shown above that he now carries with him everywhere. Another is a black blade with a white sheath that is on display on his mantle at home but he never touches it.

Due to proximity to his home he attends the Magallanica Branch. Though his clan of choice really has no real allegiance to any nation so the branch he went to meant nothing to him. He is frequently seen in the Dragon Empire as well due to that being Solis' branch. He is warm and friendly with most of the other ex drones as well. Of anyone they're the closest thing he has to friends.

There's some deep trouble in this man's past. Things he won't let anyone know. Perhaps someone can break through to his heart as events unfold. Someone can learn of his pain and why the idea of a future is so hard for him to accept.

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