Man Who Did Nothing Wrong: Varess Yamata

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Man Who Did Nothing Wrong: Varess Yamata Empty Man Who Did Nothing Wrong: Varess Yamata

Post by Best Girl on Sat Dec 10, 2016 11:11 pm

IGN: Hope
Name: Varess Yamata
Alias: "Enlightened Snake"
Age: 36
Gender: asshole
Nation: Zoo
Main Clan: Nubatama/Great Nature
Alignment: Antagonistic Neutral (Has his own Agenda...)
Generation: Veteran

Avatar Card:
Stealth Dragon, Shiranui (Resolution)
Famous Professor, Bigbelly (Genius)

Personality: You are faced with the embodiment of the reaper in a cage match as one of two physically overpowered brutes fighting not for the masses, but your lives. While the majority looks down on weaponry, cheering only for barehanded beatdowns... You have a choice. Fight honorably and lose, because the foe is bigger and stronger, or rip off a bar and attack your foe with it, attaining victory and keeping your life, but losing your honor. To Varess, the latter is the greater choice, championing fighting dirty for the sake of survival. "Honor doesn't mean anything if you're dead, does it?" He questions, believing in the concept of an afterlife, but speaking more the pride of the dead mean nothing to Earth once dead. Varess is a natural realist, viewing things for what they are. This world is dirty and rotten, and nice guys finish last, so why finish last? If a man says you're a nice guy, that's a nice compliment. But even mobsters with power appreciate those with more moxie and guts, the willingness to dare challenge giants. Varess has a brilliant mind for tactics and thriving in the world, having powerful connections all over, and not being stingy to trade information, possessions, or just money with those he is in league with.

Due to his nature, Chrisaline Egao was drawn to him instantly, and learned how to play the "psychological war" of Megacolony, having her drop "Machining" entirely for what he called the "superior mind". He even tamed her to behave, stating that a lioness cannot always be obviously on the hunt, clearly raving mad. The predator must fool the prey, remaining composed. Attack swiftly and resoundingly with your own prowess or reliable backup, and get out. Unfortunately, he comes off as a bit of an ass to those who don't see things his way, sarcastically addressing them often. He and the Sun Knight Solis especially do not get along over debating honor.

Varess is kind to those with power, but will also mock them from time to time. He believes he is useful to everyone, able to address any need with "I know a guy". This doesn't work with his daughter, Ves. ... Because she wants her mother back, and that's something he's trying do fulfill himself. He doesn't "know a guy" for this one, and he has been struggling as greatly as his daughter over his wife's death years ago. Varess enjoys reminiscing and bragging about his family, remembering the good ol' days of him in his stupid youth of knocking up a girl when he was only sixteen. Ves was a cute little thing who actually expressed herself more. But with the pillar of the family gone, he has become incredibly desperate, tapping into any knowledge possible, searching for any way to revive his fallen lover. This caused strain between him and Ves, who he accidentally ends up utilizing more as a tool then his kid. Varess tries very hard to move on, excusing his research of necromancy, black magic, and other stuff not even he's dumb enough to truly dab into like some cursed warlock. ... But he simply cannot.

He admits he feels terrible, but it's a habit. To him, it's a necessity she does as she's told to get their family back.

He's on great terms with King Artorigus and Kiga, usually meeting up with the latter to talk about something that cannot be heard. Vanguard is his connection to "the key that brings us back together", hinted that said key is a Divine Power.
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