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Victoria Estevez Victoria_Estevez
"... Please, stop"

IGN: Nova Minor
Name: Ana Victoria Estevez
Age: 17
Gender: Girl
Nation: Dragon Empire (by association)
Main Clan: None
Secondary Clan: None
Alignment: Neutral
Generation: New

Avatar Card: None

Personality: Everyone that knows his older brother, Carlos Estevez, ends up surprised by how different she is from him. Raised by the same wonderful woman, she and his older brother have the teachings of their mother as an important part of their lives. But that's where the few similarities between them actually end. Victoria used to be as carefree and sweet as his brother, but now she tends to act in way completely different to him after seeing how he ruined his whole life in her eyes. She really tries to help others, but shows no real happiness while doing so, treating it more as a chore instead of a disinterested act.

Victoria actually doesn't like Vanguard as much as the whole world does, considering it a dumb game and a waste of precious time that could be used on other important matters, like studying or working. The reason of why he changed her way of being so drastically it's unknown to any of his siblings, Carlos and Luis, but her mother may know something about it.

While she's happy to see his brother Carlos after so much time, deep inside she resents his decision to dedicate himself to Vanguard and finally break their family by moving to Japan away from them. Obviously, she doesn't know nor really care about his reasons to do so, and hasn't bothered to ask how the rest of their family feels about it, assuming they are all saddened by his decisions but decided to remain silent so Carlos wouldn't feel any guilt. Only time will tell if the game will actually grow on her. The only aspect she actually admires about the game its the Vanguard Association and the reach and direction it has as an organization, commenting that they should use their seemingly endless resourcess to venture into other fields, like science and medicine.
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