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Post by NoelKusanagi on Sat Dec 10, 2016 9:55 pm

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IGN: Cece Lockhart
Name: Jin Kusanagi
Alias: Sadistic Emperor
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Nation: United Sanctuary
Main Clan: Eradicators (Narukami), Nobles (Narukami)
Secondary Clan: Scharhrot (Dark Irregulars), Susanoo (OTT)
Alignment: Antagonist
Generation: New

Avatar Card: Eradicator, Dragonic Descendant and Vajra Emperor, Indra

Theme: Cosmic Air

The polar opposite of his twin sister, Noel Kusanagi. Harsh and merciless to others. Treats those of lower social classes like trash. Loyal and true to his own words as long as he benefits to whatever he is supposed to vow on. Extremely selfish and greedy. Power hungry. Willing to turn on his own family if it means gaining more power. His "friends" are nothing more than tools to entertain his daily life and can see them as disposable. High and mighty attitude raised higher after becoming the heir to the family fortune. Loves watching people under him suffer. Has a very special hatred towards his sister and towards Seifer.

The recently announced heir to the family fortune and company, the Kusanagi Corporation. After his and Noel's father fell ill, the old man felt necessary to hand down in advance the family fortune to his eldest son. Despite being twins, Jin was born half an hour before Noel. Due to being twins, Jin always had a special hatred towards Noel in fear that she may be the one chosen to inherit everything. Even with that already settled and Noel be nothing more than an employee to their own company, he enjoys treating her like trash just so that his own ego can be raised to even greater heights. All he wants is power. Witnessing the Star-vader Invasion, to the point of even fighting off Reversed fighters out of the family estate as well as witnessing the Reaper Invasion behind the scenes, it is one of his main reasons to want absolute power. The sad part is, that he wants power, not to protect the world, but to have the satisfaction to say that not even alien invaders can stop him. He also hates Seifer for being partially related to the family and believes him having the family blood is a disgrace to the Kusanagi name. His potential as a cardfighter is also one to not take lightly on. His quest for power will truly begin...

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