Hideki/Hebiki Masurha

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Hideki/Hebiki Masurha

Post by 2bulldog25 on Thu Oct 15, 2015 1:27 am

Name: Hideki/Hebiki Masurha
IGN: EnforcerBull
Age: 18
Height: 6'2"

Personality Hideki
Main Clan: Shadow Paladins
Main Card: Revenger, Raging Form Dragon
Personality: All around quiet type of person, preferring to look into the pages of one of his books while near people. The only Thing that pulled him away from his books, made him talk to people was a little card game. He hasn't opened up at all, a book for a hand of cards, not to much different. He tends to shy away from confrontation preferring to talk something out, or just avoid the situation completely. He is very unhappy about his, problem, and tends to avoid telling anyone that he has a split personality, mostly due to it forcing him to be a NEET. He dislikes himself for this fact, after all, he had never had a problem in school, he didn't mind being able to sit in the back and just learn.

Personality Hebiki
Main Clan: Great Nature
Main Card: School Hunter, Leo-Pald
Personality: The tough guy of the two of them, not a quiet type like Hideki, but still prefers to avoid physical confrontations, performing to talk it out, or play it out with cardfight. Hebiki was the first of the two to start playing, enjoying the social escape from his normal day in day out routine. Work to home work to home, with this he could make better use of his breaks, even make some money on the side, no need to be working so much all the time. He enjoys cardfight, and greatly dislikes those who disrespect the game and it's players. He is prone to action and finds himself often times in confrontation due to this nature.

Bio: Growing up wasn't too different for him them most kids, back then he wasn't even aware of his disorder. Just a kid with wild mood swings, or so most people thought. As he continued to age though, it became clear that it wasn't just mood swings, complete changes of personality started to take over, different favorite colors, different favorite things, different friends even. This started to push him out, being so different pushed him to the edges of the groups and soon enough out of the school. With his random and drastic changes in personality throughout the day he was forced into being a NEET.

After this his parents became worried and took him to see many doctors, only to be told there was no help. It seemed that he wasn't a normal case the personality was created by him, for as far as they could tell nothing. There was no traumatic event that had happen, nothing that would have cause such a change. As such he was like this, living as two people in one body. It wasn't the best, he could still make friends as both people, just wouldn't get along with the other's friends. Then the accident happened. When he switch personalities at the wrong moment in the middle of a street crossing, he forgot where he was for a moment. A speeding vehicle

Not to long after this his parents kicked him out on his own, gave him some money to start off and left. He got a job and just worked and lived, day in day out. One day while working he notice some customers at one of the tables doing something with cards. Interested, he came over to watch them play, and that was when he started to get interested in vanguard. Instead of just work, he would go out to a shop sometimes, days off he would be in the park waiting to see if someone would come to play or out in a shop playing. He was getting out and enjoying his life a little more, doing something more with it then just working.

*End of story so far*


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