Branch Director: Hideyoshi Sasaki "Endless Requiem"

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Branch Director: Hideyoshi Sasaki "Endless Requiem" Empty Branch Director: Hideyoshi Sasaki "Endless Requiem"

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"The School of the Undefeated of the East! The winds of Kings! Zenshin! Keiretsu! Tempa Kyouran!

A Requiem
Shining Finger
Light the Fire Up in the Night
This is a Fight to Change the World

Branch Director: Hideyoshi Sasaki "Endless Requiem" Soma.Schicksal.full.1648441

Hideyoshi stands at a little over six feet tall with olive toned skin, bright blue eyes and hair of almost silver color save a single stripe coming from about the middle of his head down to his right eye which is a deep blue matching the coloring on the various Nova Grappler units. Actually sometimes it’s orange. It’s definitely dyed. Don’t ask about it. Ever. His attire usually consists of nice shirts and slacks with an overcoat of some kind like the get up shown above. The gloves are a constant as is the wrist guard on the right hand. Colors change from day to day but the overall look doesn’t fluctuate too much.

Name: Hideyoshi Sasaki
Alias: “The Endless Requiem”, "Yoshi-sensei"
Age: 28
Gender: Male

Nation: Stargate/5th Seat of Grand Sanctuary
Main Clan: Nova Grapplers - Beast Deities
Secondary Clan: Dimension Police - Cosmic Heroes
Avatar: Beast Deity, Ethics Buster

Alignment: Neutral
Generation: Grand Legend

Personality: Stargate is Hideyohsi's clear favorite among the branches. He serves in the Grand Sanctuary and as the clan leader for Nova Grappler. It's puts him in an interesting position of being the branch director's superior and subordinate and he follows requests just about as readily as he gives them. His enthusiasm and energy is never more apparent than when in the actual branch among the young fighters. He suggests Nova Grappler to just about anyone he meets and is more than willing to teach anyone one of the Stargate clans. Except of course, Link Joker. While not openly opposed to the players choosing to use it Yoshi-sensei will continuously attempt to persuade them to play something else. He keeps himself available to challenges from anyone in the branch thinking it only right that if the next generation wants to really advance they have to get some experience in against the older guys.

When not busy cardfighting or handling the administration of the branch or association Yoshi can be seen bustling around any of the branch buildings, functioning as a sort of handy man. He always energetically and warmly greets those who cross his path and has an amazing skill of remembering names of people after only the first meeting. It's abundantly clear when speaking to him that he's invested in you. He is remarkably open and frank with people about most things, informing them of their weaknesses and proposing means to fix them. This usually entails absurd fighting regiments against him. He views all who want to progress as his students but does always make it a point to have a few special projects going on. These are fighters who he spends particular attention to and time with helping them learn and grow.

He has faith in the new generation but that can only carry him so far. Everyone needs to become strong but that is simply outside of the possibilities of some. So until they prove themselves capable Yoshi believes the new generation needs the strong guiding hand of Artorigus. He doesn't exactly like the man but respects his strength and ideals and his ability to protect the young fighters. His real goal however is Enma. The strongest among the Grand Sanctuary. Every fiber of Hideyoshi's being yearns to fight and one day defeat this man and so far in the dozens of fights Enma's agreed to Yoshi-sensei has never been successful.

Yoshi will freely talk about his life outside of vanguard. He's incredibly proud of his beautiful family, a wife and two children. He's often seen about time with them, usually with one child about his shoulders, the other nearby or with his wife, the couple staying close to each other. Even after eight years of marriage they appear passionately in love. While defeatist attitudes and bullying bother him there is nothing one could do to anger the man more than mean any sort of harm to a member of his family. Truly the requiem for that pour soul would be endless.

Biography: Hideyoshi has been known for some time for being absurdly strong. The man spent years training in the martial arts in the eastern reaches of japan. He won fighting tournaments both the literal and card varieties. At the age of twenty he married his childhood sweetheart and currently has two children ages seven and two with her. When the Grand Sanctuary was forming he came forward to challenge Enma and Artorigus and while unsuccessful at defeating either was granted his seat. There are more details to how he obtained this seat but that's all that's known or shared.

He seems to have a very deep connection to Ethics Buster and the other Beast Deities. He is never been known to talk to them but there's definitely something going on there. Some sort of tie to Cray, yet Yoshi refrains from commenting. During the Reaper Invasion Hideyoshi was never near the events where the main Reaper force invaded. But this did not stop the army of deletors from attempting to destroy his home as well. No harm ever befell his town prior to Leviathan deleting the world as he fought all would be invaders off himself. Rumor has it he defeated a Reaper with is own two hands prior to ever having received a reality bangle. He later received one and he and Ethics Buster defended the entire region. But he does not comment on these things or the war. There's a reason for that and where the man is usually open to speaking about things he is very defensive and closed off on this topic.

It's rumored Hideyoshi's fists rival the Brawler Bashiro of the Dragon Empire in sheer destructive power. The fighters of Dragon Empire and Stargate have an on going debate on who would win if the two were to ever clash. At times it gets very passionate and Yoshi-sensei has been encouraged many a time to challenge Bashiro which while he's all for the Brawler has never seemed interested.

There's more to the man to be figured out. Get to know him, he's a really friendly guy. He'll more than likely want to fight you with everything he's got though.

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