Branch Director: Kiga Gochiso "Hungry Demon God"

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Branch Director: Kiga Gochiso "Hungry Demon God" Empty Branch Director: Kiga Gochiso "Hungry Demon God"

Post by Best Girl on Sat Dec 10, 2016 5:41 pm

IGN: Hope
Name: Kiga Gochiso
Alias: "Hungry Demon God", Comically "Fat Mom"
Age: 29
Gender: chubby qurl
Nation: Dark Zone Branch Director/Sixth Seat of the Grand Sanctuary
Main Clan: Dark Irregulars Clan Leader
Secondary Clan: All Dark Zone clans
Alignment: Neutral (Works for food and Enma)
Generation: Grand Legend

Avatar Card:
World-Eating Malicious Fiend, Yamigedo (Self-proclaimed Persona)
É̶͠͝v͢҉̷i҉҉͢l̸̴͢͞ ̵̷͢͟͞Ḑ̕e͞҉͜i̶̧̕͟͝t̨̕͞͠y̡̧͝ ̴ó̵̧f̴̴́̕ ̴̸͟Ć̡̛̛a͘t̀͘͏̡a̡̢͜ć̶̨̛́l̵̵̡̀͞y͏̶̡́s̨͜m̷̸̶̕͠,̀͏̡͟͡ ́͜H̡̕͡y̧̛a̕̕͟k̸̡̛͝͡u̧̡͜͝ǵ͘à̷̡̢n̸͢͢ ̸̶͜Y̢͟͜͡ą̢͞m̴̢҉̸̢í͜͡g̶̵͡e͏̸̵̧͡d̴́͝o̢̢͟͞͡

Personality: "Stare into the abyss, and the salivating, fleshy walls of coming acidic death stare back." This quote has been distorted and changed when referring to Kiga out of fear, as she's viewed as an all-eater. Horrifyingly enough, she's almost akin to Divine Power: Leviathan, an omnicidal gluttonous demon god. It's rather disgusting and disturbing how her appetite never seems sated, tearing through feasts and buffets with minimal effort, and always snacking on something or another. Rumors have it that she's actually eaten people, but there's no evidence of that, and it's only born out of fear. ... Then again, she could digest the evidence... She's rather ill-mannered about it all too, abandoning silverware most of the time and ripping belches that put most country bumpkin truck drives to utter shame.

What a revolting creature.

It isn't really fair to judge her because of her monstrous eating habits, though. Kiga is like an adorable kid, bringing surprising joy and comfort to those around her, melting the hearts of all with her cute smile. For the Grand Sanctuary and other close friends, she gives them pet names. “Emmy”, “Arty” or “Ariari”, “Chronononos”, “Kiki”, “Yoshi”, and “Yuyu” or “Yukii” are specific examples for the council, which ends up irritating the majority of them. Even so, they cannot bring themselves to stay mad at the precious glutton, all charmed by her if not scared of her as well. She acts cutely, offering warmth to those who want it, treating her Branch members as her children, just like her Hundred Demons. Although, a number of them have complaints about how much food she offers, despite how the leftovers won't last with her around. In addition, she has a very obvious crush on Enma, usually bothering him for food or just his company. She also enjoys time with Yukino, believing the lowest of the council should watch each other's backs.

Kiga doesn't try to get in the New Generation's way for the most part, but doesn't care to truly "accept" them either. The only person she's stepped up to help and believe in is Gastor Hiruma, who learned entertainment through violence with less selfishness. Her main concern just seems to be food... Her views on Vanguard amplify this, seeing the game more as "feeding time" whenever she plays. Disturbingly, she refers to Yamigedo as herself, who is a raving wicked deity that feasts on literally anything.

Though she's very cute and acts as such, she is no fool. Kiga cares only to stay within the confines of her own affairs, despite her jobs calling for otherwise.
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