Simplest of Souls (And don't you ever question it): Carlos Estevez

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Simplest of Souls (And don't you ever question it): Carlos Estevez

Post by Nova Major on Fri Dec 09, 2016 10:41 pm

"Nothing is written in stone. That's why I love challenges... Makes sense, right? Tell me it makes sense!!"

Don't Stop (Good mood)
Pizza Rolls (Really good mood)
Three Times The Passion Of Ordinary Flamenco (Really bad mood)

"Now's my turn to take the photo"

IGN: Nova Minor
Name: Carlos Ignacio de Leon Estevez... Or just Carlos Estevez
Alias: "Simple Soul" or "Stop staring at the ceiling and get to work!"
Age: 24 (But he says he stopped at 21)
Gender: Well, what do you think? (Boy, if you ever had doubts)
Nation: Dragon Empire (Best nation ever... Well there's also Star Gate, but that's for another reason)
Main Clan: Narukami (Best clan ever... Yep, best clan ever)
Secondary Clan: ... Please don't
Alignment: I'd say Hero... OF JUSTICE!!!
Generation: Veteran

Avatar Card:
-) Reckless Charge Dragon
-) Detonics Screw Dragon

Personality: Carlos tries his best to be an easy-going person, but since he got a job on the Dragon Empire branch he had to change that aspect of his. He still has the best of moods all the time, though. His primary teaching it's always present on his everyday life, but after all the things he experienced in the past five years Carlos tries a more realistic approach to his passion for helping others in need. He considers all the friends he makes part of his ever-growing family and he's actually trying to improve on his most problematic flaw - His intelligence (Average yes, but still has room for some growth). And of course, he never loses the passion he shows fro anything he does.

He loves his job, given that he works with and for the game he also loves. But to him one of the downsides of that dream come true is having to work under... Cero "Jerk with a heart of bronze" Kirguis, the Dragon Empire Branch Director. He gets along pretty well with the rest of the Clan Leaders, but the man in charge always manages to get on his nerves. To put it simply, if he were to sum up the guy in one phrase, he would say that he actually needs two beds - One for himself and one for his monumental ego. And I'm pretty sure that's an understatement. Even if he trained with him in the past and even though he noticed he got a little bit more humble after some time, he still thinks the Branch Director could get a lot better.  He adores the idea expanding the reach of Cardfight!! Vanguard to every corner of the world, so he supports the Vanguard Association with anything he can. He also supports the idea of exchanging personel between branches (Namely the Star Gate branch) for, huh, very profesional reasons, but that petition may never see the light of day.
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