Branch Director: Rikuto Minami "Asclepius' Hand"

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Branch Director: Rikuto Minami "Asclepius' Hand" Empty Branch Director: Rikuto Minami "Asclepius' Hand"

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“Some people live more in twenty years than others do in eighty. It’s not the time that matters, it’s the person.”

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Branch Director: Rikuto Minami "Asclepius' Hand" Sihr62S

IGN: Andx
Name: Rikuto Minami
Alias: "Asclepius' Hand"
Age: 35
Gender: Just a man

Nation: Zoo
Main Clan: Great Nature - Hammsuke
Secondary Clan (in order of preference/use): Angel Feather - Gavrail,  Neo Nectar - Arboros
Avatar Card: Pencil Hero, Hammsuke

Alignment: Neutral Good
Generation: Legend

Rikuto is a genuinely kind man. His every action is aimed at attempting to help someone. This becomes a bit of an issue however. He's so focused on helping he never seems to have time for anything including actually building a relationship with the person he's helping. There's always something to do so he would rather go and do it than sit around and talk.

Were one able to get him to sit down they would find the kind, caring and honest man. He rarely if ever thinks of himself and will quickly shift conversation subjects away from himself if asked. He will express genuine concern and interest in anyone else's life and would much rather they talk about themselves.

Busy man that he is, Rikuto understands the importance of delegation. He relies heavily on his Clan Leaders to help the Branch function. Truth be told he thinks they're about the oddest collection of people he could have possibly been given to work with but he's not one to judge so long as they're effective. Tamotsu frustrates and fascinates him given it's a talking animal. The spirit needs help staying on task at times but performs requests incredibly dutifully. Chris bothers him because something seems off about the girl but she behaves herself for the most part. Satoshi he seems to trust the most given he appears to be the most normal among his leaders.

He honestly does care about the fighters of the Zoo Branch but it's difficult to really build a good relationship with them given at any moment he can be called away into the operating room. It's kind of like a school principal. He's not always around but the branch knows he's involved and he seems nice when he is. And he is known to be a famous surgeon and strong cardfighter so the respect is there regardless.

Rikuto doesn't bother himself with debates about the future of vanguard. Some seem very invested in the potential of the rising generation versus the old generation. He doesn't care he just wants to help everyone. People who take strong opinions of either side of the argument bother him. Lack of consideration for others also bothers him, perhaps more than anything else. He appears to get along well with the other high ranking members of the association but is not fond of several of the Grand Sanctuary members.

The Branch Director is known to frequent bars when he does finally get around to relaxing. There seems to be some deep seated trouble in his life there he's not prone to opening up about. One has to wonder when the man will wear himself out as he always comes across as exhausted. If he sleeps or even has a bed remains unknown. He has a habit of diagnosing health problems in people upon meeting them and recommending good doctors to get examinations from.

His skill as a doctor and strength at vanguard brings with it an understandable confidence bordering on arrogance. Challenging his ideas is hard because in his head he's already worked out everything he has to do so far out that he had to be right about everything along the way. It makes it hard to get him to stop and really listen to objecting ideas. He likes to think of himself as some sort of hero but ultimately feels that more than anything he is just a man.

Biography: There was a man who was said to have a divine touch. Should he be the one to operate on you there was never less than a 98% chance of survival. And Rikuto Minami made sure that 2% chance never came true. Through medical school and on it became abundantly clear this man had a gift. He quickly earned his title "Asclepius' Hand" for no surgeon had the skill or finesse he possessed. To this day he has never lost a patient that was brought to him fast enough. Those who took too long to reach him have been lost and he takes such instances poorly.

During the Reaper war Rikuto was serving as head surgeon in a hospital in the south of Japan. As time went on staff began abandoning hoping to escape the attacks. But the flux of the injured did not cease as the war dragged on. He did everything he could to help those coming but if one of the monsters came their way there wouldn't have been anything he could have done. Eventually a reality bangle came into his possession. For the rest of the war Rikuto single handedly operated and defended the hospital and surrounding area from the Reaper menace. The forces of Great Nature defended the building while Angel Feather helped him heal the injured. He never stopped moving or doing something.

But then the war ended. And everything went back to how it was from before. His family remembered nothing but he had distinct memories in mind of the experience. He hardly knew what to do with them. Until the Card Fight Association approached him offering him a position as the Zoo Branch Director. There he met others who had these bizarre memories confirming to him that he wasn't insane. He still works on call as a surgeon in the local hospitals for extreme emergency cases as his reputation precedes him. He spends the rest of his time at the Zoo branch handling the paperwork behind the scenes and spending time with the fighters and Clan Leaders when he can. He often receives visits from his children but his wife if he has one is never seen.

There's more to the story of this man but that will have to be discovered as the RP progresses.

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