Cassiano Fellini

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Cassiano Fellini

Post by Lightning King on Fri Dec 09, 2016 9:52 pm

IGN: Lance Korilum
Name: Cassiano Fellini
Alias: Mr. Steal-yo-girl (may not end up living up to this alias)
Age: 25
Gender: Boi
Nation: Zoo
Main Clan: Neo Nectar
Alignment: Romantic Hero
Generation: Veteran Generation

Avatar Card: White Clover Musketeer, Mia Reeta

Personality: Cassiano is, on the surface, a hopeless romantic who will flirt on just about any woman that meets his fancy, sometimes completely ignoring what age they might be, as long as they seem to be over 18, as well as ignoring whether or not any of them have boyfriends.  He constantly uses his knowledge of various languages, including Italian, Spanish, French, Japanese, and English to impress the foreign women he comes across, and seems to have some form of flower hidden on him at all time.  Way too many flowers.  Especially for someone who's never been seen at a flower shop.  

When he's not flirting with women, he's a passionate soul who always does his best and takes things as seriously as he can.  Cardfighting and fencing being his two biggest ones.  He'll never hold back when his pride is on the line, not even against the most beautiful woman he's ever met (which he is completely unable to decide on).  Though a confident smile will remain on his face most of the time, once he gets serious that smile disappears and he focuses completely on victory.  He'll try to give the audience an entertaining show, especially for the women in the audience, but alas winning comes before smiles.  However, he is disliked by many for having stolen their women from them.

Outside of cardfights and fencing duels, he's a nice fellow that's easy to get along with as long as you aren't Cero Kirguis or otherwise an egotistical prick, even if you can back it up.  Well, male egotistical prick.  Female egotistical pricks are fine.  He'll always be willing to lend a hand to strangers, especially if it's a woman or he's with a woman and wants to impress them with his generosity, kindness, and "maturity."

Biography: A famous fighter from Europe, and one of the few Europeans that has been able to go toe-to-toe with the King of Vanguard on multiple occasions, and the Italian Champion.  Though he knows he'll never be able to dethrone the King, he never backs down from any challenges his most hated rival throws at him, which is what brought him here to Japan.  He knows that several other European fighters came here and grew in strength, so now he believes it is his turn to do so.  

And also Cero dared him into coming, while offering to pay for his flight.  Hard to turn down a free vacation, especially one that might help you kick the ass of your egotistical rival who everybody in your home country loves for some stupid ass reason.  Maybe he'll beat him in a fencing competition.  Cero probably sucks at that.
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