Branch Director: Umiruka Nanana "Seventh Cutlass"

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Branch Director: Umiruka Nanana "Seventh Cutlass"

Post by Best Girl on Fri Dec 09, 2016 7:25 pm

"The sun sets over and over again.
Even though there is no guarantee that tomorrow's weather will be just fine,
as long as we're adept at riding the raging waves,
destiny's paradise is right here, right now.

It's too late to be lamenting about yesterday.
If you would just leave yourself to the music,
you'll see that you feel much lighter.
Even now, it seems like you can fly, doesn't it?"

Close to You (I Still Love You)

Red Moon
Fleet Assault

IGN: Hope
Name: Umiruka "Umi" Nanana
Alias: "Seventh Cutlass"
Age: 28
Gender: grrrrrrrrill
Nation: Magallanica Branch Director
Main Clan: Granblue Clan Leader
Secondary Clan: All other Magallanica clans
Alignment: Neutral Good
Generation: Legend

Avatar Card:
Loved by the Seven Seas, Nightmist (Personification)
Scarlet Scar of the Seven Seas, Nightlight (Dead Wife) (Custom Card)
Seven Seas Helmsman, Nightcrow (Best Friend)

Personality: T-This woman is extremely dangerous...! Famously known as the "Seventh Cutlass", her reputation instills people with dread, as she has supposedly gutted gods and demons with a runic cutlass she keeps on her wall, and threatens everyone with it if they step out of line! Such a sweet smile... like many women in the association, it is only a sad facade, as practically most of the girls in higher ranks are demonic or violent in some form. That isn't to say Umi isn't a nice person, however. She's very homey, running Magallanica like a funhouse with a family-feel that's constantly partying in some way. Umi tends to keep her affairs situated in her branch and only her branch, not wanting to get into any sort of power struggle or Cray National war with anyone, and wanting to protect her own cadets. One can describe her as a "festive librarian big sister", as she's usually in her office quietly reading or perform another calm activity if not walking around to manage everything. The kind lady has the ability to handle everyone, not being left speechless by even the most exaggerated types of personalities, especially those who are simply too hyper for their own good. ... And makes a very annoying habit of conjuring irritating "seven" puns every now and then.

This lass is decisively dangerous in combat, viewing Vanguard as a entertaining "war" of sorts where the pirates of Granblue plunder and pillage everything from their foes in direct, storming combat. Although, she has a rather... strange reaction to her Stride Fodder. Almost freaking out and having a panic attack when seeing it move to damage zone. She calms down from her aggressive nature, becoming reminiscent and saddened for a moment. It reminds her of her late lover that Umiruka doesn't wish to talk about, only fearlessly coming out of the closet and confessing her sexual orientation as a lesbian, and stating "she always comes back." Despite maining the deck, Seven Seas tends to trigger her lingering PTSD, which puts some doubts in her from the association.

Umi doesn't like mostly anyone in the association really, or at least, doesn't enjoy talking about work. Unless it's to brag about her kids in her nation. She gets along with Kiga, Yukino too whenever ideology isn't being discussed. Has a stinging hatred for Enma and Artorigus, and heavy jealousy toward happy couples in her sight. From all this negativity, she sometimes retreats to her office in solitude... and does nothing but get lost in memory.

"Ceres, Ceres..." Umi sadly repeats.
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