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Post by Best Girl on Fri Dec 09, 2016 6:35 pm

IGN: Hope
Name: "Fuki" (Surname not found)
Age: 29
Gender: pretty grill
Nation: Star Gate
Main Clan: Link Joker, Royal Paladin (Original Main)
Alignment: Neutral Good/Link Joker Revolution
Generation: Veteran (Pseudo-Legend)

Avatar Card:
Death Star-vader, Quintessence Dragon (Matured/Transcended Avatar)
Unrivaled Star-vader, Radon

Personality: Still as stoic as ever, Fuki graces the world with her returning presence as a member of "Miracle Rare", an idol group formed in another timeline by herself and her two sisters. She is not quite as emotionless-seeming as she used to be, thanks to a Simple Soul touching her heart and the memory of her older sister simply making her... feel more. It is strange for the woman to explain, but the heavy chains and locks of her heart have been opened significantly, and she's far more friendly and kind. Like she used to be as a Shop PSY hostess. Fuki is highly protective of her family and the spirit of her family, visibly but calmly becoming livid when they're insulted or threatened, acting as the mama bear of them.

There comes a dislike for the Vanguard Association and not much care for Vanguard as a game itself. However, these are both due to the fact that she's standing as one of those in the world who loves and cares for Link Joker, trying to find a place for them in the world without having to rely on the Messiah to reform and reincarnate them. Believes even the most emotionless of Star-vaders can develop into feelings if they do not have them already. Unfortunately, she must ignore ridicule and hide the fact that she herself is still Reaperkin, like Koga. This faith shines through, extended to all others who are shunned or cannot express themselves, being a pillar for the lost lambs.

Fuki enjoys singing and dancing, happiness clearly shown through performance. In addition, she's on good terms with the other ex-drones, still acting as team mom for them as well, despite everything.
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