Spike Brothers Clan Leader: "It's your boy" Gastor Hiruma

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Spike Brothers Clan Leader: "It's your boy" Gastor Hiruma Empty Spike Brothers Clan Leader: "It's your boy" Gastor Hiruma

Post by Best Girl on Fri Dec 09, 2016 5:46 pm

IGN: Hope
Name: Gastor Hiruma
Age: 26
Gender: b o i
Nation: Dark Zone
Main Clan: Spike Brothers, Pale Moon
Alignment: neutralfag
Generation: Veteran

Avatar Card:
Exceptional Talent, Rising Nova

Personality: Gastor is one of the most violent veterans currently known in the association, having well-earned his title of Clan Leader for the aggressive Gallows Bowl all-stars. He has the mindset of a jock, usually looking down on the meek, not necessarily the weak, and bullying them to the point of having them act as his servants. Greatly enjoys brutality and the concept of the strong dominating the weak, understanding that if one cannot achieve their goals or ambitions, they simply aren't good enough and have to try harder. This is a little different from before, as he was defeated as a Reaper Drone in the past, realizing he himself was not strong enough. Initially, he threw himself into sports, unable to find passion for Vanguard after being thoroughly trounced. However, thanks to the encouragement of Kiga Gochiso, his Branch Director, he has a rekindled view on sports in general. Gastor has become less selfish as a result, playing for the people and utilizing his decks as the "dream teams".

In brutal sports like American Football, or at least in Bloodball, the audience is usually cheering for gory violence. But that isn't what they always want. They are impressed by those who play fair, by the rules, and feel a sense of glory when victory is obtained through honest means. While he does not necessarily care for honest means, he has changed his outlook to please viewers. "Bring smiles through VIOLENCE!" is his motto as an entertainer, even leading him to Pale Moon to expand his abilities as a performer. He cannot change his athletic mindset to not be so bloodthirsty, but his bloodthirst is sated for both the sake of himself and other people now.

Gastor gets along very well with people who understand his motives and drives, especially Kiga and Chrisaline. He isn't a fan of being bossed around by anyone other than the former though, regardless of their prowess.
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