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"Power to the peeps, power for the dream
Still missing piece scattering, so incomplete
We be the most incredible soldier from underground
See how easy, they all fall down
Digging to the core to see the light
Let's get out of here babe, that's the way to survive."

To Hell with your Combination!
Rap is Man's Soul! Believe in You'n the Restless Dude Showing the Sky!

(No eyepatch!)
One Punch Man: Bashiro Hakaisha SS4kdSo

IGN: Hope
Name: Bashiro Hakaisha
Alias: "God Hands" or "Lazy Sleazebag"
Age: 29
Gender: hot boi
Nation: Dragon Empire
Main Clan: Narukami
Alignment: Heroic Neutral (Women inspire him to do what is good!!)
Generation: Veteran

Avatar Card:
True Brawler, Big Bang Knuckle Turbo (Matured/Transcended Avatar)
True Brawler, Big Bang Slash Turbo (Jessie's Spirit)
Dragonic Vanquisher

Personality: Bashiro is a very simple man and easy to please, as he enjoys life's finest: alcohol and women. What a sleazebag. The man, after the great war that changed his life, still only wants the finer points in life, even going back on his word to quit drinking. Though, he is at least far more willing to fulfill his duty to people to help, preserve, and save. He skips out on paying people back money a lot of the time, but has actually been doing it more frequently in this era as of late, one of many examples of how that nightmare did mature him for the better. He is quite friendly and laid-back, wanting no trouble with anyone, desiring a good time with friends and family. He's very protective of his younger friends and brother, including their family pet. Though... he chokes and his expression darkens whenever having to speak of the Hakaisha parents, and develops a slight inferiority complex when parents and other siblings berate him for how poorly he raises Jessie - how much of a bad influence he is.

Though, Jessie still loves him, so that's enough for him to try and drown it out.

Bashiro, like others, views Vanguard as a game, but on a more bonded level with his units. Unlike several, he cannot hear the voices of his units. Even so, the souls of men in himself and Thunder Dragons resonate and resound marvelously with burly might, speaking to one another with their spirits and fists. He raises morale and commands his allies as if they were all a gang, which is an interesting way at seeing one's comrades for sure. He tries to stay out of important matters involving the world unless it directly affects him, and even then, only does something at the last minute unless motivated. He's decisively lazy and enjoys a casual, comfy life.

Though, he still wants to fight for his comfy life. He had and still has a burning desire to be good - to be useful to the people around them. He hates seeing them cry, as cheesy as it sounds. His inferiority complex actually existed back during the Reaper Invasion already. Now, it has lessened, having friends assure him he has a place as a warrior and a companion in the world. He wants to mean something to his understudies, his friends, his brother, and even his branch director. Just to prove himself that while he wants a quiet life, he's still worth having around.

This contradiction persona of laziness and responsibility is honestly just worsened by him being a pervert. His dream girl is a blonde with the perfect, voluptuous body who responds to him with love and care. He's always caught staring at a woman's assets, and usually roundhouse kicked by the most prominent of figures like the Chosen Sword. His bad habits are watched by his new friend: Solis, who bails him out of trouble often because of this.
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