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Post by Lightning King on Thu Dec 08, 2016 2:16 pm

IGN: Lance Korilum
Name: Moeru Rin
Alias: That NEET with shit taste
Age: 16
Gender: blazing hot grill
Nation: Star Gate
Main Clan: Kagero and Royal Paladin
Alignment: Hero
Generation: New Generation
Avatar Card:
Dragonic Blademaster
Blue Sky Knight, Altmile (Husbando)

Personality: Shy and easily embarrassed to an almost comical degree, until recently she has rarely ever left the sanctity of her room.  Rin is incredibly nerdy, and though she normally doesn't talk, if you get her going on something she cares about such as a "best waifu" argument, your fate is sealed.  She will not cease unless you physically force her to, and then once she has stopped, she will get super embarrassed and apologize profusely for gathering attention to herself.  Really, noticing her at all will cause her some amount of embarrassment, even if she does kind of enjoy attention.

Random weeb shit in her room:
Altmile dakimakura and a mini-shrine devoted to him with figurines and posters; Starpla (gunpla but Star Gate units) of Stern Blaukluger, Galaxy Blaukluger, Blaukluger, Asura Kaiser, Extreme Battler Viktor, King of Sword, Queen of Heart, the first two Raizer Legions, all three Ethics Busters, Azure Dragon, Gold Rutile, Perfect Raizer, Daiyusha and Daikaiser, Daifighter, Grandgallop, and the Sin Buster Legion; a collection of doujins including Blaster Blade x Dragonic Overlord, Altmile x Ahsha x Chronojet, and others; various posters of waifus from Kagero and Royal Paladin; plushies of Cero, Yukino, Blaster Blade, Blaster Dark, the Dragonic Kaiser Legion; figurines of all the main GB2 units (schar, vanquisher, altmile, etc.), Venus Luquier, Dragonic Overlord the Rebirth, Alfred, Phantom Blaster Overlord, “THE BLOOD,” Majesty Lord Blaster, ; self-made cosplay outfits that are actually really accurate for genderbent Blaster Blade and Dark, Altmile, Dragon Dancer Barbara, Akane, Ashlei and Ashlei Reverse, Gavrail, CEO Amaterasu, Lozenge Magus, all three Luquiers, Raindear, and Uluru.

What a nerd.
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