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Post by Best Girl on Thu Dec 08, 2016 1:26 am

IGN: Hope
Name: Jessie Hakaisha
Alias: "Little Jaeger"
Age: 19
Gender: dinoboi
Nation: Dragon Empire
Main Clan: Tachikaze
Alignment: Hero
Generation: New

Avatar Card: Emperor Dragon, Gaia Emperor

Personality: Jessie is a rational soul... very rational, and highly against a lot of stupid stunts or crazy antics thought of by his friends. He's kind-spirited and pretty calm if not around his hyper companions or sleazy brother. Very responsible thanks to his mindset and watching people pull idiotic actions around him for so long, and still reveres these stupid people. He is able to look at Vanguard with a refreshed mindset after the Reaper Invasion... with fear and excitement. It's hard to put into solely words for the youth, but the Deletors have filled him with a near-crippling terror of the game while also supplying massive amounts of thrill in controlling, commanding... uniting with incredible monsters and fiends through a simple sport. His playstyle is odd, as despite those conflicting feels, he is rather loud, but calm in battle. The "Little Jaeger" has been known to be like a violent predator who does not bother in hiding their presence, but does not make hasty or rash movements. He moves swiftly and carefully before leaping out and rending apart his prey with bloodied fangs.

He has a open-minded sense of justice, wanting to do what's right, but also willing to consider what is "truly" right or not, desiring the moral high ground. He looks up to those who helped him grow, especially his brother, and even his pup companion who doesn't remember everything of what he imparted to the young lad just yet. He thinks Aoi is ridiculously hyper but so cheery he's just naturally attracted to her spirit, so he stays close as one of her best friends.

Is also in the process of learning the mysterious world of women, finally hitting a stage where he's more interested in girls... Which proves problematic when he can't stop staring at Aoi. Thankfully, her hyper cheer snaps him out of trances, and he'll even cave to her insanity every once in awhile.

He truly needs to learn how to make reckless decisions on his own, willingly take a risk in order to grasp at what he's missing out on.
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