God of the Sun: Solis Guren'ou

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God of the Sun: Solis Guren'ou Empty God of the Sun: Solis Guren'ou

Post by Best Girl on Thu Dec 08, 2016 12:58 am

IGN: Hope
Name: Solis Guren’ou
Age: 25
Gender: hottest boi in all of the land
Nation: Dragon Empire
Main Clan: Kagero
Alignment: Hero
Generation: Legend (Ancient Sun Warrior)

Avatar Card: Dragonic Overlord

Personality: Solis is a man of honor, a soul who fights fairly and acts fairly, giving no quarter and sharing even trades. He is a noble who defends mankind as a knight, willingly standing as a hero for his own ideals - unwavering to protect and serve, and hopefully alleviate of pain. He is a friendly individual, always extending a hand to new players and veterans as a means to help or just play with if they desire. While he carries himself with a serious demeanor, he can be open-minded and gentler if he understands he's being too rigid or harsh. It's a bit difficult for him to notice after migraines of dealing with the insanity of the Dragon Empire's community, but having reluctant nights out for drinks with Bashiro, his simple-minded friend, helps relieves stress every now and then. Solis also believes in a deeper connection with Vanguard beyond it being just a game, teaching to synchronize and listen to one's units. Even if they do not have the aptitude to do so, people may try, and feel more bonded with their units. This teaches them to value their cards and play better around their favored units.

He's a very kind "big brother" type of man who will protectively stand for the people. Those dishonorable or dirty, or even without conscience infuriate him to an end unknown, and getting him truly angry now in the new era is difficult. He gets irritated most of the time, but those who severely anger him will result in the scorching, blazing wrath of the Sun God and Dragonic Overlord. ... Yes, Overlord, his partner. Despite his feelings toward Karin Ouriel having fairly proven herself the superior Overlord player of the two, he cannot abandon the Flames of Apocalypse from his own timeline, who he is in perfect sync with, fighting for the same ideals other than Overlord wanting a great challenge as well. In the prime timeline, he is still well-received among Kagero and Kagero players, being a member of the Legend Generation for his amazing skill and prowess, commanding a large force of the Flame Dragons who are reminiscent of the past.

Unfortunately, he's not much fan of his Branch Leader, but does loyally act regardless. His true loyalties still lie in the late Gods of Salvation - the Reapers. He was previously the top drone, and the most heroic in his loyalty to save people from an uncertain future. He's still very bitter about how people invite suffering instead of letting their pain end, but he won't argue or try to convince anyone of nihilism any longer. Though, he notably bottles it in a little too much, and that comes out as more stress.
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