Fubuki Kaiyo

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Fubuki Kaiyo

Post by Lightning King on Wed Dec 07, 2016 11:46 pm

IGN: Lance Korilum
Name: Fubuki Kaiyo
Age: 24
Gender: cold grill
Nation: Magallanica
Main Clan: Granblue, Aqua Force
Alignment: Hero
Generation: New Generation

Avatar Card:
Vampire Princess of Night Fog, Nightrose
Blue Wave Dragon, Tetra-Drive Dragon

Personality: Though she's still somewhat cold, she has a much easier time getting along with people.  She still has very little regard for manners, though.  Her emotions have also mostly returned, though her expression is still pretty neutral most of the time if Aoi or Chris aren't nearby.  She still highly values honor, and hates it when people act dishonorable.  

After training under Bashiro for several years, she's picked up a few of his habits including frequent drinking and developing a fondness for the figures of other women, though she generally keeps the latter to herself.
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