The Grand Sanctuary

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The Grand Sanctuary

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Long ago existed a nation of harmony and power, overtaking Planet Cray with its imperious splendor as the Divine Kingdom unrivaled in Heaven and Earth. A country of unity between humans and dragons, living together as simply creatures and inhabitants of the world. Glorious monarchs and legendary tyrants were born in the golden age of all races, leaving pages of history filled with godly beings or diabolic titans. Truly, an era beyond that which has ever come, ended in the greatest war recorded: the Dawn War sparked by the death of Pendragon from the violent conqueror, Sieger. One of the final Kings of Knights versus the Celestial Ultimate that ravaged and changed the planet forever, creating Dragon Empire as the largest territory while the United Sanctuary was born of the remaining Paladins and Cosmo Dragons...

Now, it can all return in its infinite majesty.

Seven seats have been filled with mankind's strongest and brightest, beyond even the Legendary Generation. This council governs over the world as the branch of that fabled unification:

The Grand Sanctuary.

Grand Sanctuary Council:
Top: Enma (Kagero - Dragon Lords - Sieger) (Grand Sanctuary Nation)
2: King Artorigus (Royal Paladin - Cosmo Dragon - Sanctuary Guard) (Grand Sanctuary Nation)
3: Chronos (Gear Chronicle - Gear Revolutionary - Chronoscommand)
4: Kishi Kurokiba (Shadow Paladin - Purgatory Knights - Demios)
5: Hideyoshi Sasaki (Nova Grappler - Beast Deity - Ethics Buster)
6: Kiga Gochiso (Dark Irregulars - Hundred Demons - Tallica/Yamigedo)
7: Yukino Espoir (Alfred/Claret/Ezel/Chronojet - Blaster Blade)

A tall, lean brunette of lightly tanned skin with brown-orangeish eyes edging the color scheme of flames in the latter. A youthful face usually laid-back or cocky in expression, never hidden by the hood of his red motorcycle jacket bearing a large black X in the center. With his amazing strength comes the surprise of a ectomorphic build - being rather long-armed with no excessive muscles. This contained within the red jacket and matching red pants, but black shoes and visible black tattoos printed onto his arms, down from his wrists, one with a black watch of green watch glass.

Name: Enma
Alias: “Simply the Best There Is”
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Rank/Occupation: Number 1 of the Grand Sanctuary/Member of the Original Grand Sanctuary Nation
Avatar Card: Martial Arts Dragon Emperor, Duel Sieger
Main Clan: Kagero - Dragon Lords

Personality: Generally a friendly individual to all, holding his friendships very close, such as the relationships with his avatar: Sieger, his childhood friend: Kiga, and “Arthur” aka King Artorigus. This also includes his two previous disciples: Bashiro and Jessie. Surprisingly level-headed and humble, despite being able to kill a man with one blow. Instead, while he would threaten the violent and malicious with his might, he boasts more highly of his peers and their prowess. Greatly enjoys drowning himself in alcohol and “rating” women similarly to Umano’s previously eyepatched sleazebag. Has the utmost faith in others, but hints that true acknowledgement is defeating himself and the Dragon Lords, which is extremely difficult, and is exactly why that is the final challenge to his acceptance. For a Kagero player, one would confuse his persona with a Paladin player, being so friendly and believing in the power of companionship. Prefers not to associate himself with Dragon Empire as to not interfere with their era, and loathes comparing the Dragon Lords to the Flame Dragons of today. Shares a great sense of brotherhood with Burn Nova, and respects Sieger, being the only one able to calm and command it.

Doesn’t worry much about the future or large goals about himself, lacking true ambition beyond seeing others around him grow. This is why King Artorigus desires to convince Enma to assist in restoring the original Grand Sanctuary, to which the man is indifferent toward.

King Artorigus is a man with a towering stature, furthered by his royal armaments and garments to create overwhelming pressure a ruler holds with his very appearance. Silvery, white armor donned onto chest with golden trimming and a similarly colored belt connecting the steel with a sash-like matching strap running down from shoulder to waist. Combined with that is a fur collar leading down to a large, flowing cape with gilded crests atop the exterior and the red interior. Pulling and adjusting white gloves, a leafy-like crown set on his blonde hair, the blue-eyed monarch lifts a long-sleeved arm whilst creating order.

Name: King Artorigus
Alias: “Genuine Monarch”
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Rank/Occupation: Number 2 of the Grand Sanctuary/Member of the Original Grand Sanctuary Nation
Avatar Card: Sanctuary Guard Dragon/King of Knights, Uther Pendragon
Main Clan: Royal Paladin - Cosmo Dragons

Personality: A stern individual, commanding enough to make many question how Enma is the Number One of the council instead of him. A rigorous and powerful Patriot, declared as a man of his nation as if truly leading it, which is no exaggeration, as he is the Vanguard of Uther Pendragon, the most famous and powerful of the crowned monarchs of the Grand Sanctuary. While praising the ideal of fellowship, his strict demeanor tolerating very little nonsense leaves him with few “friends”, but many “allies”. Tolerates rebellion and disobedience even less, resulting in friction between two Royal Paladin players: himself and Yukino. “Despite such, he is a good man”, many can argue and vouch. As the tales of Uther Pendragon and others were buried in history, “Alfred”, who is a familiar king to this era, can be used as a comparison with King Artorigus. “Harsh and stern in expression, yet fair and just, desiring only the best for his country”. Has a particular hint of favoritism to Cosmo Dragons, which relates to the Grand Sanctuary originally being a unification of humans and dragons. Also enjoys quiet times of tea with Uther Pendragon… which turns some heads on how that looks. Will not deny the potential of others, but rejects the immaturity and lack of growth or development of younger generations.

Greatly yearns to revive the Grand Sanctuary - the Holy Nation of unity in its fullest, wishing for his greatest ally: Enma to share in this ambition. Believing that for his great power, Sieger’s avatar is a kind soul, which can pacify the Dragon Lord.

A time entity appears as a man with dark skin and long, flowing silver hair. Also with appendages atop his head that strangely resemble ears. He also has blade-like protrusions coming out from his forearms. Yellow eyes gleam down judgmentally, the arrogant glare given by the spirit seeming to be clothed with a white bodysuit, adorned with lining matching the coloring of his arms.

Name: Chronos
Alias: “Revolutionary of Time”
Age: ??
Gender: Male
Rank/Occupation: Number 3 of the Grand Sanctuary/Commander of Clockwork Rebellion
Avatar Card: Interdimensional Dragon, Chronoscommand Dragon/Interdimensional Revolution, Chronoscommand “The World”
Main Clan: Gear Chronicle - Chronoscommand

Personality: The “Spirit of Time” or “Agent” of the past has begun a complete revolution against “Chronojet Dragon” within “Gear Chronicle”, holding firm to the belief that nothing will change with simple patience and faith in others. That being said, after the massive Reaper Invasion, Chronos has admitted to wishing to trust humanity, but still loathes them for all that has ever happened. The major difference is: now he hates his ex-lord with them. Wanting to understand the meaning of “trusting” and “placing faith”, a desire to trust those alike to his kin is present. The will to exist harmoniously with those who threaten the well-being of time.

While not a loner in the sense of disliking anyone in the Grand Sanctuary, Chronos shows a strong abstinence toward being paired with any of them, despite claiming they’re “more tolerable humans”. Instead, he works mostly with Gear Chronicle - his units and his greatest allies: the traitorous “Chronoscommand” and the hand extended to both clocks: “Uluru”. A creature who only finds solace in his family, only now finally making even the slightest attempt to believe in others based on his own opinion.

Kishi Kurokiba is a woman of youth and beauty. Being one who holds such a high position, her appearance holds a certain majesty to match. A pure black dress covers her body and provides a sense of regality, while matching gloves connect to the edge of feather-adorned sleeves. A relatively simple outfit, bearing few extra accessories or other unnecessary baubles. The only other “extra” item to complete the outfit is a black hairband, holding her silky white hair in place.

Name: Kishi Kurokiba
Alias: “Mother to the Sanctuary”
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Rank/Occupation: Number 4 of the Grand Sanctuary/Commander of Shadow Paladin
Avatar Card: Purgatory Knights Leader, Demios Sword/Purgatory Knights Lord, Demios Sword "Chaos Execution"
Main Clan: Shadow Paladin - Purgatory Knights

Personality: Kishi is a cold-hearted woman who carries herself with supreme elegance. As the leader of Shadow Paladin, she commands incredible strength and the highest respect from those under her. She believes the new generation to be foolish and incompetent, and holds an intense loathing towards all who consider themselves amongst the new generation. Her hate towards people, however, extends far beyond the new generation and into the rest of the world. Despite maintaining her calm and composed demeanor, she holds endless annoyance towards every person she’s met, save for the other members of the Grand Sanctuary (though they annoy her at times, too).

She fully embraces the beliefs of Shadow Paladin and the ideology of “Weakness is a sin”, believing that only the strongest can lead humanity towards a proper future. Represented even further by her avatar: Demios Sword and its many forms, she will only have faith in a companion for as long as their strength remains proven, and will abandon them to their fate the moment that strength begins to fail.

Kishi holds a special sort of hatred towards Gold Paladins, to the point where she may feel physically uncomfortable at the mere sight of them. She believes Gold Paladins to be a clan of nothing but fools and deluded dreamers that carry a false ideal with them, with concepts of “companionship” being a fake form of strength, as the truly strong require only their own power.

Hideyoshi stands at a little over six feet tall with olive toned skin, bright blue eyes and hair of almost silver color save a single stripe coming from about the middle of his head down to his right eye which is a deep orange matching the coloring on the various Victor units. Actually sometimes it’s blue. It’s definitely dyed. Don’t ask about it. Ever. His attire usually consists of nice shirts and slacks with an overcoat of some kind like the get up shown above. The gloves are a constant as is the wrist guard on the right hand. Colors change from day to day but the overall look doesn’t fluctuate too much.

Name: Hideyoshi Sasaki
Alias: “The Endless Requiem”
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Rank/Occupation: Number 5 of the Grand Sanctuary
Avatar: Beast Deity, Ethics Buster/Heaven Shattering Beast Deity, Ethics Buster Armageddon
Main Clan: Nova Grapplers - Beast Deities
Secondary Clan: Dimension Police - Cosmic Heroes

Personality: Hideyoshi’s most prevalent characteristic is his enthusiasm. Everything he does he does energetically. That said he knows how to be serious and collected but even in that he seems to have an unusual intensity. This same intensity is most present in battle where when using the Beast Deities he can be accurately described as having no chill.

That said Yoshi-sensei as he tends to make people call him is a kind and caring man. He looks out for everyone he can, most especially those aspiring fighters of the Stargate branch. But in general he seeks to protect those around him. Hideyoshi is driven by an inner need to be strong and realizes that all people need to be as well. But not everyone is as of yet strong and sadly some may never become as strong as they need to. And while that is the case he will stand by them and provide the strength they need. This makes him overly trusting of the good in people. But by no means will he condone all their actions. Anyone would would exploit or harm those weaker than them are to be called out and dealt with in a swift efficient manner. Hideyoshi wants to believe in the new generation of fighters but doubts many of them will prove strong enough now to be left to their own devices. They need a guide. One who will help them while they learn and grow.

Hideyoshi is an adaptive individual. Orders and business take priority in general provided conditions are ideal. He’ll quickly change plans to work effectively and manage to help others. He’s often found doing odd jobs around the various branches in an eagerness to help. Despite the burning energy and fast pace he keeps up he’s very perceptive and picks up on things quickly. He can tell when people are looking for help and when they’re not.

In casual settings Hideyoshi can in fact be rather relaxed contrary to popular opinion. He loves the ocean and seeing sunsets at the beach and can often be found at beachside cafe’s at night enjoying a coffee, watching some sports game and looking outside. Approach him and be warned, the energy can come back out of nowhere even when he seems calm.

The gluttonous matriarch of thunder demons is a beautiful brunette of a buxom figure, amazingly ample through years of stuffing her cute face, bearing distracting, soft features covered by her long, straight hair that cloaks one of two bright, brown eyes, reaching down to the front of her shoulders and further down the back, small curls at tips with a strand sticking upward. The rest is covered by a gothic, lightly shaded purple dress with a bat-like wing and golden cross clasp at a hood above that which is prided as the largest breasts in the association, golden trimming designed as a light purple frill end is the bottom half.

Name: Kiga Gochiso
Alias: “Hungry Demon God”
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Rank/Occupation: Number 6 of the Grand Sanctuary/Hundred Demons Leader/Dark Zone Branch Director
Avatar Card: World-Eating Malicious Fiend, Yamigedo É̶͠͝v͢҉̷i҉҉͢l̸̴͢͞ ̵̷͢͟͞Ḑ̕e͞҉͜i̶̧̕͟͝t̨̕͞͠y̡̧͝ ̴ó̵̧f̴̴́̕ ̴̸͟Ć̡̛̛a͘t̀͘͏̡a̡̢͜ć̶̨̛́l̵̵̡̀͞y͏̶̡́s̨͜m̷̸̶̕͠,̀͏̡͟͡ ́͜H̡̕͡y̧̛a̕̕͟k̸̡̛͝͡u̧̡͜͝ǵ͘à̷̡̢n̸͢͢ ̸̶͜Y̢͟͜͡ą̢͞m̴̢҉̸̢í͜͡g̶̵͡e͏̸̵̧͡d̴́͝o̢̢͟͞͡
Main Clan: Dark Irregulars - Hundred Demons

Personality: While a kind tone melts the hearts of men with her oddly pleasant aura for a leader of Hundred Demons, manners cease to exist in the face of culinary delights. Kiga is a ravenous woman who has an inhumane appetite, never seeming sated, ready to request another serving in a heartbeat. Coming between this demon and food is quite literally a death warrant, as she will not cease in biting off the hand of one attempting to stop her. As such, Enma, her childhood friend, feeds her by always having snacks and the like stored on his person if she isn’t nibbling on something she brought herself already. “How can such beauty be so… greedy and revolting?!” Men who cannot tolerate such ask themselves this each time they meet her loving, gentle gaze after witnessing her demolishing buffets and rudely, loudly belching with no control.

Though not clumsy in sense of a stereotype, Kiga does act rather cute most of the time, giving each member of the Grand Sanctuary adorable nicknames that some are not fond of. “Emmy”, “Arty” or “Ariari”, “Chronononos”, “Kiki”, “Yoshi”, and “Yuyu” or “Yukii” to be specific. Though Artorigus, Chronos, and Yukino are greatly annoyed with this, the charm of the adorable fatty gets to them, resulting in their fury being quickly calmed. Enjoys being around Enma and has a blatant crush on him, usually bugging him for food or just spending time together. Also revels in Yukino’s company, believing the two lowest members of the council should stick together.

Refers to Hundred Demons as her children, fights as feeding time, and “Yamigedo” as herself. Is apparently proud of Tallica more than anyone, considering the Black Dragon of Demise to be her favorite son. Also calls members of Dark Zone her kids, usually offering to feed them more than they can actually eat, and devours leftovers herself anyway.
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