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Post by Cipher on Wed Dec 07, 2016 9:46 pm

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IGN: Cipher Izanagi
Name: Aedan O'Brien
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Nation: United Sanctuary
Main Clan: Gold Paladin
Alignment: Hero
Generation: New

Avatar Card: Ezel in general, Gurguit.

Personality: Aedan is very outgoing, and tends to come off as flirty even if that wasn't his intention. He likes to compliment people, whether it's on their looks or something they've accomplished. He can get depressed rather easily, but always comes back from it rather quickly. He isn't afraid to get his hands dirty, and prefers to not rely on others. However, if he needs help he'll admit his weakness and ask. He doesn't particularly believe in the "Weakness is a Sin" ideal, however he owes Yukino a great debt and chooses to remain silent.

Biography: The Irish Champion, and one of the newest members to grace Yukino and company with his presence, Aedan is the former Seed known as Seyer, and one of the pivotal fighters that felled the menace known as Malice. After fighting in the war with the Reapers, and falling at the hands of Nemesis, he was reborn once more in this new world, only to return to Ireland soon after, staying there to save up enough money to move to Japan permanently. When it was finally time, he returned, happily greeting everyone, and joining Yukino in the United Sanctuary Branch.

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