Skylar Torrens

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Skylar Torrens

Post by Rosalia Izanami on Wed Dec 07, 2016 9:32 pm

(Fk off this is my image, I don't care what you think of it)

IGN: RosaliaIzanami
Name: Skylar Torrens
Age: 17yrs
Gender: 100% Female
Nation: Dark Zone, yay!
Main Clan: Pale Moon
Alignment: Hero? Sure why not
Generation: New Generation

Avatar Card: Masked Magician, Harri

Personality: Skylar is the definition of extrovert: social, outgoing, fond of the company of others. She has her quiet moments, typically when she's sitting by herself or staring off into space, daydreaming and doing whatever it her own little world. When it comes to Cardfight, she just wants to have fun in a match, even if she ends up losing. Very little can rain on this girl's parade for very long.

Meh, Read On Your Own Time:
Skylar was born prematurely, and was very sickly as a newborn. Thus, she was kept in the hospital undergoing treatment. This usually isn't a problem, since a normal family would watch over their poor infant in hopes that their presence would help the child pull through. Not for Skylar. Her mother was out of the hospital as soon as possible and rarely visited without even giving the child a name. The father at least visited some, but after a couple weeks, no one came to see if the sickly infant was even still alive... Why? Who knows. The child, once well enough, was eventually given up to an orphanage for care. Due to zero contact with the parents, the hospital/state got the rights to the child.

At least the infant was adopted quickly enough. She was taken in by a couple who are simply unable to have kids of their own, and wanted the full experience of raising a little girl. It was by these loving parents that the child was given her name: Skylar Torrens. Her adopted parents, Lara and Henrick, raised Skylar in Japan even though they were of Dutch origin. They cared for the girl as if they were her birth parents in a loving household. Being that she was their only child, they could afford to spoil her a bit.

In any case, Skylar grew up to be a little ball of sunshine, and got into vanguard at a relatively young age. At the start, being just a child, she didn't know what to pick as a clan. Who cares when you're just a kid looking for something fun to play with? But, even kids have their favorites, and Skylar quickly took to the circus clan of Pale Moon. Her family, being as nice as they were, took her to all sorts of places like the zoo and aquarium, but her favorite was anything that was a circus, carnival, and everything in between. So why not go with what she loved? Sure enough, Skylar loved Pale Moon despite how confusing they could be, and her parents were nice enough to help her learn the game.

However, despite everything that the Torrens could give to their beloved child, there was one thing that always bothered their minds. On Skylar's thirteenth birthday, the start of her teenage years came with a truth that they weren't sure the girl could handle. They finally admitted to the fact that they were not Skylar's birth parents, and as hard as they tried to find out about said relatives, there wasn't anything that they could get their hands on. Skylar, for a short time, fell victim to a bout of depression. Was there something wrong with her that her parents felt the need to abandon her? But the girl's optimistic personality took over soon enough. Though she may not know who her birth parents are, what her biological family was like, or if any blood-related relatives were even still around somewhere, the Torrens were her family now. They're the ones who raised her pretty much from birth, so there was no need to think about a past that jut really didn't exist in her point of view.

Back to being her bright and happy self, Skylar continued through her teenage years by taking up hobbies like reading, art, and of course, Cardfight. The girl was never seen without two notebooks and a deck box, even when she was enrolled into some special, high-level academy as she started high school. Yeah, it was a little pricier than the average public high school, but this academy was more like a mix of high school and college, and would surely provide a better education for the girl. As their only child, the Torrens were not going to spare a single penny on their treasured adopted daughter. Now at junior-level, seventeen-year old Skylar is the same as she always is: optimistic, curious, and devout Cardfight player.

The only thing that still bothers her mind a bit is the thought of her biological family. Perhaps one day she'll find something about them, but when in doubt, she knows who her true family is.

She chose Dark Zone because it matched what her main clan is. It also helps that it's relatively close to her house. Also, yes, she actually wears those glasses she's chewing on. She's nearsighted, but things get blurry about five feet away from her. So anything within five feet she can see just fine... which is why when she's in thought, or doing something like read or drawing, she chews on the end of her glasses. This is also why her family may or may not spend a good bit of money on new glasses every couple months...
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