Branch Director: Cero Kirguis "The Kaiser"

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Branch Director: Cero Kirguis "The Kaiser" Empty Branch Director: Cero Kirguis "The Kaiser"

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Branch Director: Cero Kirguis "The Kaiser" 593139

Lance Korilum
Name: Cero Kirguis
Alias: Europe's King of Vanguard, The Kaiser,
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Nation: Dragon Empire Branch Director
Main Clan: Narukami, Shadow Paladin
Secondary Clan: All other Dragon Empire Clans
Alignment: Unknown
Generation: Legend Generation

Avatar Card:
Dragonic Kaiser Crimson (Self) & Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion (Soul)
Eradicator, Dragonic Descendant & Revenger, Raging Form Dragon
Supremacy Dragon, Reaper Fang Dragon & an unknown unit

Arrogant.  If anyone was asked to sum up the Kaiser in one word, nine hundred ninety nine times out of one thousand, it'll be this.  He frequently flaunts his strength as a fighter, and seems mildly obsessed with speeches of the motivational and demotivational type.  However, his arrogance in public is an exaggeration to get people to dislike him.  His logic?  People disliking him will push them to become stronger.  He shows significantly more care for others than he once did, but is still quite abrasive and hard to get along with.

Behind close doors, he has become significantly more humble after the events of the Legend Era.  He seems to get frequent headaches and chest pain but his pride won't really let him show it, and if anybody asks, he just passes it off as stress and not anything to worry about.  Cero, just as he was since the beginning, stands by "Weakness is a sin," though no longer in the way that "Only the strong are worth his time."  With the power given to him by the Association as the Chief of Dragon Empire, he employs various programs and methods of strengthening than he pure harsh methods he used before, though he does prefer the harsher methods.

He respects the strength of the members of the Grand Sanctuary, but he still holds distaste towards most of them and has no issue with talking about his dislike of them.  The Kaiser stands as one of, if not the most powerful person in the world of Vanguard outside of the Grand Sanctuary, still known as the "King of Europe" for his almost decade-long dominance over there despite having retired from that scene to focus on his strengthening programs.  The New Generation, for the most part, hasn't impressed him yet but he patiently waits for them to show their true potential and overthrow the Legend Generation.
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