Maria Shurensei

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Maria Shurensei

Post by NovaRaizer on Wed Dec 07, 2016 9:12 pm

IGN: Sage Nova
Name: Maria Shurensei
Age: 14
Gender: Girl
Nation: Magallanica
Main Clan: Nubatama
Alignment: Hero... technically

New Generation

Avatar Card: Stealth Dragon Shiranui

Personality: Maria is prideful and looks down on those she does not accept as being strong. She has a very loose mouth in terms of vulgarity for her age, and she is always looking to prove herself. Deep down she does have a soft side, but you will probably never see it. Maria is also very calculated and clever with her fighting and even how she addresses most people. When calm, she is elegant, clever, and generally hard to deal with. The rest of the time, she is stubborn, prideful and even more difficult. She also does not believe in Cray or in the individuality of the units. She focuses more on her own ability and therefore cannot hear the units... yet.


Maria is the cousin of Darren Shurensei. Maria was always a "problem child". Her free thought and imagination were not the image of adulthood that her mother had. Like Darren's parents, Maria's mother wanted her child to be more "down to earth" and "realistic". However she took a much more extreme approach to the situation and send Maria away to a boarding school. She remained there for several years and Darren lived in her room during that time (This time was during Season 3/4). During this period of time, Maria took over the Boarding School's Underground Cardfight Circuit which existed because cardgames were banned from the school. As a result, Maria basically had control of the place during her time there.

During the Reverse as well as the Reaper attacks, Maria was mostly out of the loop. She had heard of it, but the Reverse did not reach the area as it was secluded. When the world ended, Maria saw the battles that happened but did nothing about it personally. She didn't care much if it was going to be resolved anyway. She gave up when things ended and when the Messiah appeared, she didn't need to do anything. The "heroes" would step forward and do their job. That was how she saw it.

After the events, the Vanguard Association was established. Darren disappeared, but funds were sent to his family in his name. Despite having no knowledge of where their son was or what he was doing, they were happy he found a life and success in whatever he was doing. From the revelation that Darren had the ability to do so much on his own, Maria was allowed to leave the boarding school in the hopes that she would be able to do the same. However, it was only due to Darren that she was given true freedom again, and this infuriated her.

Maria never liked Darren. She considered herself a better cardfighter than him as he relies on passion and lucky drive checks whereas she uses strategy and tactics. It extends to the rest of the Legendary Heroes as well. She believes they didn't do anything she couldn't have done herself if she tried. The most irritating part of all of this happens to be the fact that Maria shares Darren's name, so in the world of Vanguard, anyone who sees her sees "Darren's Cousin" before seeing "Maria". Maria's mission in life is to surpass Darren, or at least show that she is strong in her own right.

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