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IGN: Sage Nova
Name: Darren Shurensei
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Nation: Star Gate
Main Clan: Dimension Police
Main Deck: Dimensional Robo
Alignment: Hero
Generation: Legend Generation

Avatar Card: Super Dimensional Robo Daikaiser

Personality: Energetic and friendly. He is always up for a battle and tries to make the Star Gate fun for everyone. He is also very dedicated to his duties as the Branch Manager. Darren can be a bit eccentric when planning events or activities for his branch, but it is all so everyone can have fun. He also wants to bring out the best in everyone he can, including the Link Joker users of Star Gate.

The Dimensional Hero of the Resistance. Darren was a normal kid when he first came to town. Soon he was Reversed, unreversed, then made into a Seeded Fighter who used dark Void energy to amplify his physical abilities. After struggle and strife, Darren accepted his new body and abilities and said abilities helped to end an endless nightmare and save the universe... many universes actually.

Darren was sent to town by his parents who didn't like his overactive imagination and lack of real social skills. He would always be in his own world between comic books and video games. He was sent away to try and learn real life skills. Apparently it worked. After saving the world with a card game, Darren was presented with the position of Branch Manager for the Star Gate branch when the new Vanguard system was proposed, but he turned the position down.

Commander Laurel personally requested the assistance of Darren, a Vanguard who has the power to communicate with both worlds. Very few have this ability, and most who do use this power to preserve balance between the two worlds. Darren accepted this responsibility as his duty due to the powers he had received throughout his time until now. Yukino, knowing he would be withing the Planet Cray at for these tasks, requested his assistance more than once in assisting with the transition of both worlds into the era of calling forth powerful, deity-like beings through the power of Stride. Darren, with his Seed fragments still within him, and also once having the power to combat stride before humans had such a thing, seemed to be the perfect fit to this task at the time, and thus he was away until...

During the battle against the Leviathan, Darren was giving the Divine Power of the Messiah. It was meant to be temporary, but the Seed within Darren absorbed a small portion of the power. This did not give Darren the power of Messiah or even the power to use Messiah. However it did grant him two things. He now has the ability to identify Divine Powers with his Seeded Eye ability. It also gave his two partner units, Daiyusha and Daikaiser, the strength to evolve into G-Units.

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