A Walking Paradox: Tsubame Karasu

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A Walking Paradox: Tsubame Karasu Empty A Walking Paradox: Tsubame Karasu

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"Another moment like a lifetime,
you feel trepidation
When everything is done
Stealing stars out of the skies
tracing constellations
When everything is done"

Star Stealing Girl
Black Paper Moon
Condemnation Wings
Let Me Laugh at the Cool

A Walking Paradox: Tsubame Karasu 6CzEJtd

Stands at about five feet five inches tall. Ignore the katana though the umbrella is a standby on hot or rainy days. Her hair is long and light red in color while her eyes are a dark red-brown. Tsubame has a thing for older style Japanese clothing as shown. This is fairly typical for her though the colors and length of skirt vary from day to day. On rare occasion she will wear what one might consider normal street clothes of shirts and jeans and of course wears school uniforms properly with her hair up. But at any other time this is about what one would expect to see.

IGN: Andx
Name: Tsubame Karasu
Alias: N/A, call her her name or she'll get mad.

Age: 18
Gender: Female

Nation: Dark Zone
Main Clan: Dark Irregulars - Amon
Secondary Decks: Nubatama - Shiranui (Has to be asked to play this. Will never of her own volition do so.)
Avatar Card: Amon’s Follower, Hell’s Draw

Alignment: Hero
Generation: New

Personality: Despite the older fashion sense Tsubame is a very modern girl. She’s all over technology and social media, taking pictures with her phone and chatting about life to friends and strangers alike. Being around other people energizes her though she’s prone to suddenly withdrawing from social situations as if she were exhausted or had something else important to do. There’s usually no warning to it either on moment she’ll be energetic the next she’ll excuse herself.

Tsubame is actually surprisingly easy to annoy. Commenting on her clothing style with anything but compliments will get you an earful from her usually about Japanese history and standards of beauty. Touching even for casual things like to get her attention usually don’t go over well unless it’s with good friends. She’s very knowledgeable about history in general and loves to share tidbits wherever she finds them applicable. Usually it’s never applicable except somehow in her mind but she loves learning about the past too much to stop.

Gratitude is very present in Tsubame’s life. She may not have a lot but she really appreciates what she does have and that includes the people in her life. Connections with other people mean a lot to her even if she doesn’t say it. She’s often one to look at what’s going right with her life rather than what’s going wrong. So even when she struggled in school or was lonely or missed family who’ve since passed on she managed to get a genuine smile because of the small good things in life. Her dad is everything to her and she doesn’t stand for anyone speaking poorly of him.

Tsubame tries to be very supportive and compassionate with her friends. And while she’s usually very good at it she can’t bring herself to do it sometimes, even for very good friends. A feeling of disgust will set in but whether it’s with her friends and their problems or with herself she’s not sure. These sorts of thoughts and feelings disturb her and she takes to mental reflection often to attempt to put some order to what’s going on in her mind. It’s not hard to get her talking about it despite this though.

She loves seeing pictures of dogs/animals but is always uneasy around them in public. She’s in love with American Fast Food chains and American music. Kung Fu movies are an absolute delight for her and late night internet surfing is a way of life she’s very committed to. She hates country music and K-Pop. She likes taller boys with darker hair and likes to crack blond jokes around fairer haired boys. She’s a fan of anime and manga but is a self-proclaimed hipster on the subject and likes to laugh about overrated series and anything anyone does or says that reminds her of them.

Biography: More to come in the future.

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