Cyrena Makris

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Cyrena Makris

Post by Rosalia Izanami on Wed Dec 07, 2016 8:43 pm

"The weak die... The strong survive... Those are the rules of nature..."


IGN: RosaliaIzanami
Name: Cyrena Makris
Age: 20yrs
Gender: Female, obviously
Nation: Dark Zone? It's just the closest to home
Main Clan: Angel Feather
Alignment: Neutralfag (Because I wanna make Mum mad)
Generation: New Generation

Avatar Card: Black Seraph, Gavrail

Personality: Cyrena is a mature, young adult. At least, she is in her point of view. She is known to be polite, if perhaps curt at times, but she also knows her place in society and won't let anyone ruin it or get in her way. She has a trained mind in logic so as to not let emotions get the best of her so that she can focus on what is strictly in front of her. She's not a robot, but she's not a bleeding heart, so don't expect her to react in an emotional rampage one way or the other. Inside, she's actually a tad depressed. A part of her has been missing for a very long time, and time has yet to fully heal this wounded heart.

Meh, Read On Your Own Time:
On the news, or simply whispered down the grapevine, businesses will spring out of the blue while others will crash in the marketplace. Such was the fate for a rather large enterprise in the music industry, selling musical equipment of the highest quality and even a conjoining faction of musical geniuses rising to the top of the charts. Hand in hand, artists got the publicity they craved, the equipment to make breath-taking beats, and fans got the personalized merchandise they're willing to spend a fortune to get their hands on. But, let's consider the family behind this "magic bullet" of an industry: a simple mother-father pair with two children. Twins, in fact, named Kyra and Cyrena, with the only distinguishing factor being that Cyrena was born with odd teal-blue highlights in her hair that matched the twins' eyes. Kyra did not have such highlights, but everything else was exactly the same. In any case, being raised in the life of luxury without a care in the world, the twins were never seen without the other as they played dress up and colored just as any children would do. The father worked long hours in the business aspect of the company, while the mother's talent showed more in the design aspect for the products to sell. A perfect pair with the perfect daughters in a perfect life... Can you tell where this is going?

It was when the girls were about ten years old that everything started to plummet. New competition in the area started to take its toll on the family business at an alarming rate. The parents would come home every day and simply yell at each other for hours on end, or maybe one of them just wouldn't come home that night. Why did this have to happen? Why did the parents fight instead of working together to get the business back on its feet? There seemed to be nothing the kids could do... Until one day, the father came home late... He was inebriated. In this drunken state, he unleashed a rage unlike any other, and beat the women of the household. By the time authorities arrived, it was far too late. The mother was beaten to death, the twins unconscious, and even some of the household maids had suffered from the abuse. The father was taken to prison while the twins and maids were rushed to the hospital.

By the time Cyrena awoke, days had passed. Her first question to the nurses around was where her sister was. Even while in the hospital, she expected to see her counterpart in the same room as she. It was not to be, unfortunately, as Kyra didn't pull through. She was simply "too weak" to live through the abuse, leaving Cyrena, who even suffered more abuse in attempt to protect her twin, alone in this terrible world... So what was this child to do? Her family was gone, and by now, the business was on its last legs. Shouldn't she have passed just like the rest? Why was she still alive if she was her sister's exact copy? Well, not exact... Their hair was different... But that was it, right? Or perhaps there really was a reason that she survived? But what was the reason? Why did she have to live through this pain?...

The door to her hospital room opened, and in walked her father's brother, and her father's father (so by relations, her uncle and grandfather, in case anyone was wondering). They were her only next of kin, and without complaint, they took in the living twin. For weeks, the girl would live in grief and silence as the funeral came and went, while having moved in with her grandfather. The old man was a retired war veteran and had enough life savings to last him, well, a lifetime. Her uncle ended up taking over the music business alongside his own medical-equipment company, and as if by magic, the music industry flourished quickly under his rule.

Back to Cyrena, it was about a month and a half that she lived with this silent behavior, until her grandfather sat down with the girl in her room to talk. Or, well, he talked. She mostly listened at first. "Why do you still cry?" ... "Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?" ... What? He didn't know how to take care of a little girl very well, especially not one that was depressed. He never really visited the twins when they were both alive, and he never had a girl himself. Merely two boys.


"You know, your father was the runt of the family." ... The ten-year old lifted her head, surprised at the sudden change in tone. Was this guy for real? The grandfather stared back at Cyrena with a steady gaze. "Your father was weak. Your mother was weak. Your sister, however unfortunate, was also weak... You, however, have eyes much like your late grandmother. Bless her heart, she was a strong woman, and so are you..." "B-but... My sister had the same eyes as I do..." Cyrena replied quietly, lowering her gaze. She was about to burst into tears again, having reopened the wound in her heart, but her grandfather would not have it. He took her chin and lifted it so that their eyes met again, his own gray eyes boring deep into her own teal-blue. "No, child. You are strong. You are a survivor. You may not have been able to save your sister, but you are alive, and you will find your place and fulfill whatever duty it is that you have to this world."

And so, it was that day that Cyrena started to be more active, to actually talk with her grandfather and uncle instead of hiding in her room. She started to become more involved with learning about the family business, even if she didn't quite understand it all given her age. In her eyes, her uncle became the goal, the role model of strength and independence that she was to have. Her grandfather became the guide, setting her on the correct path so that she may one day reach her goal. Her beloved late twin was never forgotten; rather, Kyra became the reason Cyrena would strive for success. She would live for the both of them...

Four years later, fifteen-year old Cyrena is moving slowly but surely along her path as she started high school as a freshman at some private, very expensive, overseas academy. While half of her courses were online, she still had to move to America for the face-to-face courses. Her grandfather, having nothing else to do, decided to make a small but beautiful home in the United States so that he could be near the "heiress" during these important years. Plus, he could also help her with classes much easier if he was nearby, along with teaching her other stuff on the side, like self-defense and accounting.

After finishing high school overseas, Cyrena and her grandfather returned back to their rightful home in Japan. And now, a total of ten years later after the incident, twenty-year-old Cyrena is continuing her studies to become the true heiress to both her father's and her uncle's companies. Continuing with online courses and face-to-face lectures at some academy in the area, the girl with teal-blue highlights keeps herself busy with her studies. But, she has time nowadays to look more into the community. She has very little friends, if any at all, as most are acquaintances through her grandfather and uncle, but she doesn't need to cling to emotional ties that could just hurt her in the end. However, it's not like she only spends time going to school and home. She likes to keep herself active by going to the gym and doing errands herself instead of having a maid or butler do so for her. Just the little things.

It was on one of these little errand trips that "angelic healers" caught her eye on some poster for a card game. Something called "Cardfight! Vanguard" that people of all ages seemed to enjoy. She saw something of the such before, but never really had an urge to get involved in some trivial game. Lord only knows why she stopped to actually look at it this time. Perhaps it was the angels themselves that seemed to call to her, and soon enough, the girl was inseparable from a deck. Her grandfather could care less about the silly card game as long as she was able to keep up with her studies and such. What harm could come of it? Even with her still being relatively new to the game, the female quickly claimed an "avatar" within this game of imagination, and wondered what it would be like to play this game with her sister...

And in case any of you were wondering why she's in Dark Zone, it's simply the closest branch to her home. Not that she really understands the point of having separate branches. She's still sorta semi-new to the game, whether you believe it or not~ So it maaaay or may not change later. Let's just see what happens~
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