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Post by Hashu on Wed Dec 07, 2016 8:32 pm

Jack Linterna Captur10

Basically Jack Linterna
IGN: Hashu
Name: Jack Linterna
Alias: College Student
Age: 20
Gender: Boii
Nation: Zoo
Main Clan: Megacolony
Secondary Clan: Dark Irregulars, Tachikaze
Alignment: Neutralfag
Generation: New Generation

Avatar Card: Larva Mutant, Giraffa

Personality: Jack is an outgoing jokester of an individual that comes off as a kind and enjoyable person, but deceit and how broke he is are constantly on his mind. His interactions with others may seem to have no ulterior motive, but make no mistake, he's really only hanging out with you because you're paying the bill. Due to his college education taking most of his money, he part times as a neuroscientist specializing in rat research, and is usually unavailable throughout the week. Because of this, he's usually exhausted outside of school, and likes to binge watch netflix on the weekends with minimal interaction to recharge himself. However, since anything related to money grabs his attention, he generally attends weekend vanguard tournaments to sell any cards or packs he wins with the cheapest deck possible. He'll try to sell you cards during this time, and has no shame in how he goes about it.

Biography: Although originally from the United States, he now resides in Japan due to his military background family. His dad was sent to station in Japan two years ago, and because of this, he is not an expert in the Japanese language and constantly sounds like a foreigner with a dialect problem. His last name also means Lantern in English. Yes, he's Jack Lantern, which apparently 'caused for him to become a celebrity during Halloween.

Shitty Story.:
To listen to while reading
"Today is too bright, too dark, too windy, too..." Jack stopped himself, sighing deeply. Every time he began to complain about anything, it always led to the one thing that bothered him most. "Too much money." Tar residue dispersed on the pavement as a light brown cigarette bud hit the floor. "Ugh. I can't even afford to buy these, but it's much cheaper than paying a shrink to de-stress me," he muttered to himself as he strode on the sidewalk. It wasn't that too much money was his problem, but more so that too much money wasn't his problem. He was dead broke. The walking counter hit 0 as Jack approached the intersection, no longer allowing his passage. Fuck, he thought. It's about to happen again. Of all places, I had to get the red smack in the middle of the food district. Several alluring aromas quickly encompassed his surroundings. Sweet pork, takoyaki, bulgogi. He knew them all by smell, but never by taste. "One of these days I'll have enough money to taste you, you little jerks. I just need a better paying job, you'll see! This rat research pays shit!" Jack muttered angrily under his breath. Shortly after, the anger turned to uncontrollable laughter. A thought had crossed his mind. He imagined the head researcher, a tall black haired female in her mid-thirties wearing a lab coat, spouting angrily about how lucky he was to be participating in this "high caliber important research" at such a young age. Several passersby began to whisper about the young adult's sanity. What once were quiet whispers had now spread across all onlookers, and ultimately reached Jack's ears. "He's lost it." As he heard this, he quickly reached for his pocket to double check his wallet. Oh thank god he thought to himself, completely oblivious to the actual meaning behind the words. As the counter turned green, he took one last puff, flicked his cigarette, and continued on his way.

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