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Post by EternalDollie on Wed Dec 07, 2016 7:42 pm

"Protecting the hope of the world, that's the duty of the strong!"
"I won't let Lady Espoir down! I'll cleanse the world of the weakness created from despair!"
"Give this desolate land your blessing so that life can bloom once more and fill the people with hope, Ahsha!!!"

"A world where everyone is full of hope. That's a dream worth dying and even killing for. Right Rina?"

Rain Lilligant  Kurokami_medaka_by_lumus115-dbih63c


Character Name
Rain Lilligant



United Sanctuary

Main Clan
Neo Nectar



Avatar Card
Rain Lilligant  110447_200w

Rain is a energetic woman that has an obsession with everything that is considered good. She tries to be the best she can be as a model woman and tries to force everyone to do the same. Those that show even the slightest hint of sinful nature is not tolerated and she will do what she must to stamp it out...even if she must go to the point of killing. The world has no need for someone that could corrupt the hope within the people. Rain also has an unhealthy disillusioned love for her twin sister, who was lost in a fire when they were younger. She still believes that she is out there alone, waiting to be rescued, unaware that her sister is the one that caused the fire and helped almost erase the very world Rain cherishes.  

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